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12/21/2020Call for Participation: DEI and Curricular Considerations Part 2
12/21/2018Passing of George Carter, Father of Delovis Olaode
12/20/2019Update on Student Attendance Policy Rollout and Updates to the CIS Language
12/12/2018Passing of Shirley Sayre, Mother of Jackie Dorsey
12/09/2020Passing of Willy Straubhaar, Sr., Father of Rita Straubhaar
12/08/20202020 State of New York Sustainability Conference Virtual Presentation
12/08/2017MCC Leads the Way in Online Learning
12/03/2020DEI and Curricular Considerations
12/02/2020Dean Michael Jacobs invited to speak at the University of British Columbia
12/02/2020Passing of Dorothy Laco, Mother of Lori Laco-Schiano
11/30/2018Ad Astra Platinum Analytics Master Schedule Grant
11/29/2017Passing of Gordon Kilner, Father of Steven Kilner
11/28/2018Passing of Robert Otto, Father of Kathy Buckert
11/28/2017Passing of Velvia Benjamin, Mother of Athesia Benjamin
11/23/2017Passing of Velvia Benjamin, Mother of Athesia Benjamin
11/20/2018Passing of Emma Mae Barnes, Grandmother, and Barry Barnes, Uncle, of Charlene Linzy
11/19/2018Opportunities for Employee Involvement in College Operations
11/13/2019The Democracy Commitment in Action
11/13/2018Deans and AVPs at the Downtown Campus
11/12/2019The Democracy Commitment in Action
11/12/2018Academic Year End Date for 10-Month Faculty
11/09/2018Passing of James Wheeler, Brother of Holly Wheeler
11/04/2019Provost's Fall Update: Coordinating Efforts and Funneling Support for Student Success
10/31/2019Congratulations to Dr. Melany J. Silas
10/30/2019MCC Awarded $2.25M Grant to Integrate Support Systems, Attract Students to In-demand Careers
10/27/2020Passing of Mary Hallett-Brown
10/19/2018Passing of Eugenio Santos, Father of Joann Santos and Grandfather of Loida Lagares
10/16/2019Call for Volunteers: Literacy Volunteers Brain Game
10/16/2018Laurie Palmer Receives March of Dimes 2018 Nurse of the Year Award in Education
10/15/2021Passing of Mary J. Waasdorp, Mother-in-law of Janet Waasdorp
10/15/2018Passing of Larry Weiss, Father of Ilene Benz
10/14/2021Passing of Helen A. Drumright, Mother and Mother-in-law of Bill and Patti Drumright
10/10/2018Provost's Town Hall and Conversation: Status of the Schools at MCC and Other Academic Initiatives
10/07/2021Article by Kimberley Collins and Michael Jacobs Featured in AAC&U Publication
10/02/2019Call for Volunteers: Literacy Volunteers Brain Game
10/02/2019Student Attendance Taking Process Update
10/01/2021Recording Available: Webinar on the Draft SUNY General Education Implementation Guidance
09/30/2021Biology Faculty Participate in National Grant Initiative
09/29/2021Join Us Today: SUNY General Education Implementation Guidance Webinar
09/26/2017Call for Volunteers: Literacy Volunteers Brain Game
09/25/2018Call for Volunteers: Literacy Volunteers Brain Game
09/22/2021Webinar to Discuss the Draft SUNY General Education Implementation Guidance
09/21/2017Passing of James L. Fox, Father of Matthew Fox
09/19/2019Deans and AVPs at the Downtown Campus
09/19/2018Passing of Russell Bolognese, Father of Katherine Bolognese-Gress
09/15/2020MCC's Denise Thomas Accepted Into Prestigious SUNY Leadership Program
09/13/2018Passing of Minister Lawrance L. Evans, Sr., Father-In-Law of Shawanda Evans
09/10/2021Passing of Laura Armstrong Kruspe, Sister of Rebecca Babcock
09/06/2017Curriculum Office Transition Update
08/30/2017RCSD to Bring RECIHS Students to Downtown Campus
08/27/2019Starfish Attendance Soft Rollout
08/23/2018Fall 2018 Academic Calendar Dates
08/22/2019The Making of an Academic Calendar
08/20/2021Passing of Mary E. Flatley, Mother of Anne Flatley
08/20/2020Dear Teaching Faculty email August 19, 2020
08/20/2020Passing of Mark M. Gress, Husband of Katherine Bolognese-Gress
08/17/2017Dr. Medea Rambish Appointed Dean of Academic Foundations
08/16/2017Dr. Medea Rambish Appointed Dean of Academic Foundations
08/15/2018Dr. David Barnet Appointed Associate Vice President, Curriculum and Program Development
08/15/2018Kelsey Bright Appointed Assistant to the Provost and Vice President, Academic Services
08/12/2021Passing of Ann M. Archer, Mother of William Archer
08/12/2020Elizabeth Baxter Appointed as the Title III Project Director
08/10/2020MCC's "Adjunct Suppers for Success" is the Featured Project Highlight for the League for Innovation
08/04/2020Deans Jacobs and Rambish Assume Leadership of Additional Schools
07/31/2018Passing of Scott Karlnoski, Husband of Maureen Karlnoski
07/24/2020Passing of Janice G. Scanlon, Mother of Sean Scanlon
07/20/2020MCC Nursing Graduates Achieve 100% NCLEX Exam Pass Rate
07/20/2020MCC Surgical Technology 2020 Graduates Hold Virtual Jacket Ceremony and Celebrate 100% Board Pass Rate
07/16/2020Updates on Testing Cut Scores, Alternative Grading, and Transfer Credit Procedures
07/14/2021Passing of Barbara Johnston, Mother of Debbie Ake
07/12/2017Faculty-Initiated Withdrawals for Fall 2017
07/11/2018Passing of Patricia A. Keiling, Mother of Dawn Murphy
07/10/2017Passing of Chris Seely, Son of Mary Seely
07/02/2019Congratulations to Jorge Alas
07/01/2020MCC Students Succeed Academically: Spring 2020 Semester Dean's List
06/30/2017Passing of Christine Matta Bohannon, Sister of Mary Ann DeMario
06/25/2019Passing of Anne Weir Gunther, Mother of Susan Gunther
06/21/2018The Reinstatement of College Hour
06/20/2018Passing of Sara Sturnick, Mother of Joe Sturnick
06/16/2020New York Association of Chief Academic Officers' Statement of Solidarity
06/16/2017Passing of John Timmons, Father of Mary Timmons
06/11/2020Academic Services Q&A -- Today at 3 pm
06/07/2017Dan Robertson Appointed Dean of STEM & Health
06/07/2017Dr. Michael Jacobs Appointed Dean of Humanities & Social Sciences
06/06/2017Creation of the School of Applied Sciences and Technologies
06/04/2020Reminder: MCC Offers Optional Grading for Spring 2020 Semester
06/02/2021Passing of Robert Martini, Father of Laura Tepper
05/24/2017STARS presented at St. John Fisher College
05/23/2019Congratulations to Professor Sherry Tshibangu, Open SUNY Online Teaching Ambassador 2019!
05/20/2020Reminder: MCC Offers Optional Grading for Spring 2020 Semester Beginning June 3
05/20/2019Using Robert's Rules of Order to help make your meetings more productive
05/19/2020All Summer Classes to be Either Online or Remotely Offered
05/17/2021Professor Janice Volland to Represent Faculty at the 2021 Commencement as the Faculty Marshal
05/17/2018Renee Dimino to Serve as SUNY Guided Pathways Project Director
05/14/2019Information on the Academic Program Re-Registration Process
05/12/2021Passing of Paul Starzynski, Husband of Beth Starzynski
05/08/2018Passing of Teri Merliss-Mendelson, Sister of Gena Merliss
05/07/2020Monday, May 18: Last Day for Students to Withdraw from a Course with a Grade of "W"
04/29/2021Passing of Larry McPhee, Husband of Marcia McPhee and Father-in-law of Jill McPhee
04/22/2021Dean Jacobs Appointed to Modern Language Association's (MLA) Community College Committee
04/21/2020Monday, May 18: Last Day for Students to Withdraw from a Course with a Grade of "W"
04/16/2021Alternate Grading Option for Spring 2021
04/15/2021Passing of Sidney Putnam, Father of Emily Putnam
04/15/2020MCC to Offer Optional Grading for Spring 2020 Semester
04/15/2020Student Placement Changes
04/13/2021Department Chairs for the 2021-2022 Academic Year
04/11/2018Department Chairs for the 2018-2019 Academic Year
04/08/2020Department Chairs for the 2020-2021 Academic Year
04/08/2019Update on Recommendations about Student Withdrawals
04/03/2019Department Chairs for the 2019-2020 Academic Year
04/01/2021Passing of Mary Bauer, Mother of Ann Bauer
03/28/2019Faculty Initiated Withdrawals
03/26/2020Do you have a colleague to thank?
03/25/2021Calls for comment: SUNY Proposed General Education Policy & Policy on Award of Academic Credit by Evaluation
03/22/2021Fall 2021 Registration Delayed
03/18/2019Essential Discussion on Inclusive Higher Education: Inspiring Change from Within a great success
03/17/2021Passing of Dolphan B. McFadden Jr., Brother of Dr. Melany Silas
03/14/2019Passing of Valerie Jean Cross, Mother of Patricia Kress
03/09/2021Recording and Q&A from the 3/8/21 open forum on the fall 2021 master schedule
03/09/2018Passing of William (Bill) Mitchell, Father of Patricia Sarantis
03/08/2019Provost's Town Hall and Conversation: Current Priorities in Academic Services and the Use of Data
03/07/2018Reminder: "Guided Pathways: Making a Case for Building Urgency"
03/05/2021Fall 2021 Semester Plans for Instruction Q&A
03/04/2019MCC's Paralegal Program Receives American Bar Association (ABA) Approval
03/01/2021Congratulations to MCC Librarians Anjali Parasnis-Samar and Alice Wilson
02/27/2018Passing of Debbi Lynn Stark, Sister of Craig Rand
02/18/2019MCC student, Mohamed Elkhidir, named a 2018-2019 Vanguard Award winner
02/05/2019Passing of Lawrence Walsh, Father of Sandra Chamberlain
02/04/2020Junior Dillion Appointed as the Title III Project Director
02/04/2020Passing of Beverly Ann Powers Navarro, Mother of Diane Navarro
02/04/2020Passing of Kathryn Sample, Mother of Mark Sample
02/04/2020Passing of Marion Wowkowych, Mother of Anne Kirkpatrick
02/04/2020Sherry Tshibangu Selected for the AACC's Dale P. Parnell Faculty Distinction Recognition Award
02/01/2019Dean Involved in Writing Million Dollar Grant for the Modern Language Association
01/25/2018Save the Date: "Guided Pathways: Making a Case for Building Urgency"
01/23/2019Dr. Maria Brandt Selected for the AACC's Dale P. Parnell Faculty Distinction Recognition Award
01/14/2021Highlight: The Schools@MCC continue to support students and their success through COVID
01/13/2020Evolving Strategies to Help Students Succeed
01/12/2021Highlight: TCC continued engagement through COVID
01/08/2021Highlight: Learning Support Services' Response to COVID-19
01/06/2021Reminder - RSVP Due by January 17th for Participation in DEI and Curricular Considerations Part 2
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