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12/21/2005Faculty Senate and Executive Committee Meeting Schedule
12/20/2005Faculty Senate Minutes - 11/17/05
12/20/2005January Professional Development Workshops
12/20/2004Faculty Senate November Minutes
12/19/2002Nov. Faculty Senate Minutes
12/16/2004Faculty Senate Meetings - Spring 2005
12/15/2005Professional Development Workshops
12/13/2004December All College Faculty Senate Meeting
12/12/2005ALL COLLEGE FACULTY SENATE MEETING - December 15, 2005
12/06/2004All College Faculty Senate Meeting
12/06/2002December 12 Faculty Senate Meeting
11/22/2004Faculty Senate October Minutes
11/21/2005Faculty Senate October Minutes
11/21/2002Faculty Senate Minutes
11/20/2002TODAY: Time in Reflection - Plagiarism Workshop
11/15/2002REMINDER: Nov. 20 Time in Reflections
11/13/2002TODAY: Open Hearing at Brighton on the Proposed Change of Program Inclusion/Exclusion Policy
11/12/2004Faculty Senate Agenda - 11/18/04
11/11/2002SAVE THE DATE: Nov. 20 for Time in Reflections
11/11/2002TODAY: Open Hearing at DCC for the Proposed Change of Program Inclusion/Exclusion Policy
11/08/2002Nov. 14 Faculty Senate Meeting Agenda
11/07/2002Open Hearings for the Proposed Change of Program Inclusion/Exclusion Policy
11/07/2002Open Hearings for the Proposed Change of Program Inclusion/Exclusion Policy Planned
11/02/2005NISOD Awards
10/27/2006MCC Honor Code
10/25/2004Faculty Senate Minutes - 9/23/04
10/25/2004Senate Call for Ad Hoc Committee Volunteeers
10/24/2005Faculty Senate Minutes - 9/22/05
10/23/2002Faculty Senate Minutes
10/18/2004Faculty Senate Agenda - 10/21/04
10/17/2005October Faculty Senate Agenda
10/15/2002October 17 Faculty Senate Meeting
10/01/2002Reminder: October 2 Time in Reflections with Dr. H. Jayne Vogan
09/27/2005Faculty Senate Minutes - June 9, 2005
09/27/2004Faculty Senate Minutes - 6/10/04
09/25/2002Faculty Senate Minutes
09/19/2005Faculty Senate Agenda - September 22, 2005
09/19/2003May Faculty Senate Minutes
09/18/2003Faculty Senate Meeting Today
09/18/2002October 2 Time In Reflections with Dr. H. Jayne Vogan
09/17/2004Faculty Senate September Agenda
09/13/2002September 19 Faculty Senate Meeting
09/12/2003Sept. 18 Faculty Senate Meeting
09/08/2005Executive Committee/Faculty Senate Meeting Schedules - Fall 2005
09/07/2004Faculty Senate Meeting Dates - Fall 2004
09/02/2003Faculty Senate Meeting Schedule
06/15/2005Volunteers Needed for Academic Grievance Hearing Committee Pool
06/14/2006Faculty Senate Minutes - May 18, 2006
06/14/2004May Faculty Senate Minutes
06/13/2005All College Faculty Senate Minutes - May 19, 2005
06/06/2006All College Faculty Senate Meeting Agenda - June 8, 2006
06/04/2004All College Faculty Senate Meeting Agenda
06/03/2005Faculty Senate Agenda - 6-9-05
06/02/2005Faculty Senate Bylaws Vote Results
06/02/2004Faculty Senate March Minutes
05/24/2004Faculty Senate April Minutes
05/23/2005Faculty Senate Minutes - April 14, 2005
05/23/2005Faculty Senate Reminder: Bylaws Ballots Due May 31
05/22/2006Faculty Senate Minutes - April 13, 2006
05/22/2003April Faculty Senate Minutes
05/17/2004May Faculty Senate Meeting
05/16/2005All College Faculty Senate Agenda - May 19, 2005
05/13/2005Invitation to All College Faculty Senate Meeting
05/12/2003May 15 Faculty Senate Meeting Agenda
05/11/2006Faculty Senate Agenda - 5/18/06
05/09/2005Faculty Senate Voting
05/03/2005Trouble Finding Faculty Senate Bylaws/Candidate Statements?
05/02/2005Brighton Faculty Senate Open Hearing Today
05/01/2003March Faculty Senate minutes
04/30/2003Election for MCC Association Board Teaching Representative
04/30/2003Today: Open Hearing for Faculty Senate Officers Candidates
04/27/2005Reminder: Faculty Senate Open Hearing Today at Damon Campus
04/26/2005MCC Association Board Election
04/26/2005MCC Associaton Board Election (Addition to article submitted)
04/25/2005Faculty Senate Information for Upcoming Open Hearings and Vote
04/24/2003Open Hearing & Election for Faculty Senate Officers
04/21/2003April 24 Faculty Senate Meeting
04/18/2005Faculty Senate 3/17/05 Minutes
04/17/2006Faculty Senate March Minutes
04/11/2005Faculty Senate Agenda - 4/14/05
04/10/2006Faculty Senate April Agenda
04/10/2003Faculty Senate to Discuss the Campus Center Space Today
04/09/2004Faculty Senate Meeting - April 22, 2004
04/04/2003April 10 Time in Reflections: The Campus Center and the Curriculum
04/02/2003April 11 Open Hearing: Student Opinions of Course & Faculty
04/02/2003Feb. Faculty Senate Minutes
03/29/2004February Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes
03/23/2006Faculty Senate February Minutes
03/22/2005Call for Ad Hoc Committee Volunteers
03/21/2005Faculty Senate February Minutes
03/21/2003March 27 Faculty Senate meeting
03/14/2005Faculty Senate Meeting - March 17, 2005
03/09/2006Faculty Senate March Agenda
03/05/2003Jan. Faculty Senate Minutes
03/01/2006Faculty Senate Minutes - January 26, 2006
03/01/2004Faculty Senate Minutes - 1/29/04
02/25/2003Stategic Planning Initiatives
02/24/2003Feb. 27 Faculty Senate Meeting
02/23/2004February Faculty Senate Meeting
02/21/2005Faculty Senate Minutes - 1/27/05
02/15/2005Faculty Senate February Meeting
02/14/2005February Faculty Senate Agenda
02/09/2006Faculty Senate February Meeting Agenda
02/02/2006Faculty Senate December Minutes
01/31/2005Faculty Senate December Minutes
01/30/2003Dec. Faculty Senate Minutes
01/22/2004Faculty Senate Meeting Schedule
01/21/2003Jan. 23 Faculty Senate Meeting
01/20/2005January Faculty Senate Meeting Agenda
01/19/2006Faculty Senate Agenda for Jan. 26 Meeting
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