Join Us

Who Can Apply?

  • At least 17 years old (No upper age limit)
  • Out of high school
  • Willing to commit one full year of service
  • Available to serve weekly, full time hours (40+ hours a week)
  • Evidence of community involvement
  • Demonstrated commitment to service
  • Interested in learning new skills and experiences
  • Willingness to use your time and abilities to improve the lives of others

How Are Future Members Selected?

  • Application is numerically scored
  • Selected candidates are interviewed and responses are numerically scored
  • Reference checks are completed
  • Police background check is conducted
  • Scores from the application and interview are totalled, background and reference checks are completed
  • Applicants that meet our threshold score, have positive references, and pass the background check are invited to serve

How Do I Apply?

To apply online, fill out the online application. If you need help with the application, here are instructions for applying online

Please call or email the Rochester AmeriCorps office if you would like to request a paper application. Applications are accepted and screened on an on-going basis. We're pleased you're interested in applying to be a Rochester AmeriCorps member! Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.