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Memberships & Affiliations

Assessment Network of New York (ANNY)

Founded in June 2010, the Assessment Network of New York (ANNY) is a growing organization of assessment professionals from across the state. Serves the interests of individuals who seek support, networking opportunities, training and an understanding of assessment and evaluation best practices.

Association for Institutional Research (AIR), and the Association of Institutional Research and Planning Officers (AIRPO)

Institutional research as a profession is often connected with academic assessment. MCC's Institutional Research Office is a member of two IR-oriented organizations, allowing for members of the faculty and administration to become trained in the quantitative skills associated with good assessment practices.

  • AIR is an international organization for institutional researchers offering training and sharing of best practices in the profession. At most AIR-sponsored events, an assessment track is included, providing important opportunities for professional development.
  • AIRPO is a New York based organization similar to AIR, but focusing significantly on issues related to SUNY schools. In recent years, the annual spring conference has also included sessions for professionals for whom assessment is their responsibility.

League for Innovation

MCC has been a long-standing member of the League for Innovation, and maintains a seat on the governing Board. Several League initiatives in the past have been oriented around research in assessment, and the establishment of common assessment standards.

Specialized Accreditors

Academic Assessment supports assessment processes for degree-granting programs that are affiliated with specialized accrediting bodies. Programs with specialized accreditation include: