Complaints and Incident Reporting

Your positive experience at Monroe Community College is of utmost importance to us.

During the time of your relationship with the College, situations may arise in which you believe the institution has acted in error or that your particular case requires further review. In these situations, if you have already attempted to remedy the problem with the particular office/department, you may submit a complaint form, as listed below. Following the submission of a complaint form, the College’s Ombudsman will follow up with you. (Learn more about the role of the Ombudsman.)

Similarly, while on MCC’s campus, you may witness or experience incidents or events that you believe should be reported and addressed by the College’s administration. This could be anything from witnessing concerning behavior to experiencing discrimination. The College encourages you to report these incidents so that appropriate action may be taken and remedies put into place.

Please Note: These forms are not for emergency situations. If you or someone else are in immediate danger, please contact Public Safety at (585) 292-2911.

Please read the descriptions and select the form that seems most appropriate for your situation.

  • College Complaint Reporting Form: Please use this form if you are filing a complaint with the College about a service area, employee, or policy. The Ombudsman will follow up with you. For additional information regarding complaints, please see Other Complaint Options.
  • Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Complaint Form (can be submitted anonymously): Please use this form if you have experienced or witnessed an incidence of bias or discrimination that is related to one or more categories as defined by the Monroe Community College Notice of Non-Discrimination: This form can also be used to report sexual harassment/sexual misconduct. The Chief Diversity Officer or Title IX Coordinator will follow up with you.
  • Behavioral Incident Report: Please use this form if you are reporting disruptive or concerning behavior not covered by any other form on this page. The Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities will follow up with you.