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SUNY Learning Network FAQ

What is it?

It is the delivery of accredited college courses on the internet.

How does it work?

Students simply register for a SLN course and instead of attending class on campus, they attend class through a computer connected to the Internet.

When does class meet?

Whenever the student is available to access the Internet, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. School never closes.


Same as any other credit bearing class. Plus the costs of Internet access. Minus the costs of the commute.

College Credit Courses?

YES!! These are fully accredited college courses taught by professors from the sponsoring schools. (Example: MCC courses are taught by MCC professors.) 

How can I find these courses?

On the master schedule they will have a SLN or SL1 section designation. (Example: PEC 253 SL1 or HED 108 SLN)

How do I register?

For information on how to register, visit How to Enroll in a MCC SLN course.

Who should consider SLN?

Anyone who has scheduling restrictions. Athletes, child care, employment, commute.


Contact the Health & Physical Education Department at (585) 292-2840.

Visit the SUNY Learning Network Web Site