• What is it?
    It is the delivery of accredited college courses on the internet.
  • How does it work?
    Students simply register for a SLN course and instead of attending class on campus, they attend class through a computer connected to the Internet.
  • When does class meet?
    Whenever the student is available to access the Internet, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. School never closes.
  • Costs?
    Same as any other credit bearing class. Plus the costs of Internet access. Minus the costs of the commute.
  • College Credit Courses?
    YES!! These are fully accredited college courses taught by professors from the sponsoring schools. (Example: MCC courses are taught by MCC professors.)
  • How can I find these courses?
    On the master schedule they will have a SLN or SL1 section designation. (Example: PEC 253 SL1 or HED 108 SLN)
  • How do I register?
    For information on how to register, visit How to Enroll in a MCC SLN course.
  • Who should consider SLN?
    Anyone who has scheduling restrictions. Athletes, child care, employment, commute.
  • Questions?
    Contact the Health & Physical Education Department at (585) 292-2840.

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