Drug-Free Workplace Policy

* Applies to all College Faculty, Staff and Student Employees and is in compliance with the regulations of the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1998

I. Policy

The College is committed to the development and maintenance of a drug free environment in accordance with the Drug-Free Workplace Act. Accordingly, the College will not tolerate any unlawful activity such as the possession, use, manufacture, distribution, and/or dispensation, of a controlled substance on College owned or controlled property.

II. Guidelines

  1. Sanctions for Violation or Non-compliance: Disciplinary charges and/or remedial action will be pursued consistent with existing contractual agreements.  The nature and extent of these charges and/or action depend on a variety of factors, including the severity of any work rule violations, the pattern and frequency of observed substance related problems, past work record, or any other consideration which may be considered relevant by the College.  The need for disciplinary action and the appropriate penalty should be discussed with the Director of Human Resources.
  2. Compliance as a Condition of Employment: Compliance with the provisions of this policy shall be a condition of employment at Monroe Community College.
  3. Employee Obligation for Notification of Conviction: In compliance with federal law any faculty member, staff member or student employee convicted of any criminal drug statute violation which has occurred in or on the workplace premises is required to notify the College within five (5) calendar days following such conviction.
  4. Employer Obligation for Notification: The College is obligated to notify the appropriate federal contracting agency, within ten (10) days of receipt of notice of an employee conviction as described in "C" above.
  5. Maintenance of Drug-Free Workplace: Good faith efforts on the part of MCC to establish and maintain a drug-free workplace will include proving ongoing drug awareness educational programs and dissemination of drug awareness information for all members of the College community as well as implementation and strict enforcement of this policy.

III. Procedures

  1. Each faculty member, staff member and student employee, including those newly hired (at the time of their orientation), will be given a copy of this policy with emphasis on the obligation for compliance as a condition of employment.
  2. Any faculty or staff member convicted of any criminal drug statute violation which has occurred in or on the workplace premises shall provide his or her supervisor or appropriate academic officer written notification of such conviction, including any result and conditions, within five (5) days of conviction.  Student employees shall notify the Director of Human Resources.
  3. A supervisor having knowledge or having received notification of a conviction as described in "B" above shall immediately provide, in writing, notice to the Director of Human Resources and the Vice President of the division.
  4. The Director of Human Resources or designee will coordinate ongoing drug education and awareness programs in cooperation with the Park Ridge Employee Assistance Program for the College community as well as provide drug informational materials.  Faculty, staff and student employees are expected to avail themselves of these programs and materials.  Schedules and locations will be publicized in various College media and by individual notification.
  5. Application of the College's corrective discipline policy for violation of this policy and any other related questions should be referred to the Director of Human Resources.