Room Access

To gain access to appropriate areas on Campus, prior written approval by a department head must be on file. A Key Request Form once completed may be brought or sent inter-office to the Facilities Department. Keys are usually ready after 24 hours. Please call X 2800 to check if request has been filled. When you sign for keys you are agreeing to abide by the Key Control Policy and are responsible for all keys issued in your name. All keys must be returned directly to the Facilities Department upon completion of assignment.

Room Authorization - Individual/Group

Room Authorization forms are used to allow an individual or class to access a secured area outside of normal class hours. The faculty/staff member must have authority over the room (s). After the Department Chair approves the request, the form is filed at the Public Safety Dispatch Center. Upon request of an authorized individual, and after presenting MCC I.D., Public Safety will open the area. The same individual should secure the area when finished.