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Courses Served by the Psychology Learning Center

The Psychology Learning Center was created primarily to serve students taking PSY 101 (Introduction to Psychological Science). This is by far the highest enrollment course in the Psychology Department at MCC (and the second highest enrollment course in the entire college, after English Composition). About 5,000 students take PSY 101 each year at MCC, and we have designed the Psychology Learning Center to help these students succeed. The learning center provides practice, study materials, and tutors for PSY 101 students during most hours of the regular semester when the learning center is open.

Although other courses might utilize the Psychology Learning Center, most do not. Sometimes faculty might create computer tutorials or practice tests to help students study for courses other than PSY 101, and sometimes make-up tests are left in the Learning Center for students who missed a scheduled test. If you are taking a course other than PSY 101, check with your teacher about whether the Learning Center can help you.

Other Psychology Courses at MCC

Not all psychology courses require PSY 101 as a prerequisite, but most do. And none of the other courses are set up like PSY 101, but instead are designed primarily by the faculty who teach the course. That means the courses other than PSY 101 might have many tests or none, might require papers or not, might have frequent homework assignments or none at all, all depending on the decisions of the faculty who teach the course.

But what should you do once you're finished with 101 and want to take more psychology courses? The list below shows all of the courses in the MCC catalog along with their official descriptions. (Check the MCC course descriptions page for up-to-date official listings.) Before registering, though, you should check with your advisor (or an advisor) to make sure the course fits the program or other goals you're working on.

If you'd like to major in psychology once you transfer to a four-year school you should consider the PC 01 Psychology A.S. program: our major in psychology.