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Grade Scale for PSY-101

Your grade in the course is computed by converting the highest score you have on each unit into a percentage and then averaging the percentages together. This is then converted into a letter grade as follows:

  • 90% and up: A
  • 87%-89%: A-
  • 83%-86%: B+
  • 79%-82%: B
  • 75%-78%: B-
  • 72%-74%: C+
  • 67%-71%: C
  • 64%-66%: C-
  • 60%-63%: D+
  • 56%-59%: D
  • 51%-55%: D-
  • Below 51%: F

For detail, see your syllabus.

To view your grades: Your grades are in Blackboard, but you must be in the PSY-101 TESTING section of Blackboard to click "My Grades" and see them. There is no accurate grade-to-date field in Blackboard, so you have to use the row labeled "Running Total." You have to divide the score shown in Running Total by the number of units you have completed. For example, if Running Total shows 180 after 2 units, your grade is 90% (180/2 = 90).