Behavioral Intervention

Behavioral Early Alert Team (BEAT)

The purpose of the Behavioral Early Alert Team is to assess students with at-risk behaviors in the college community, and link those students to support services and educational resources.  The intended goal is to increase students’ ability to function effectively in the college environment, and reduce at-risk behavior. In a successful referral, students learn how to make informed decisions and choices based on education. Students also learn logical consequences for continued at risk behavior. The referral sources may include Housing and Residence Life incident reports, HOUSS referrals, Public Safety reports, faculty/staff referrals, and community agencies.

The process of the weekly meeting is to present the relevant student referral reports to the committee and identify the appropriate resources required to complete the assessment – Counseling Center and Veteran Services, Health Services, Public Safety, Services for Students with Disabilities, or Housing and Residence Life. An electronic tool tracks the timing of the students’ course through referral, assessment, and engagement in the behavioral change process. It also provides direction regarding the students’ specific behavioral risk reduction, and includes relevant history. It is expected that the assessment process will take a minimum of 3 sessions. Student non-compliance to the assessment will be reported promptly as an indicator of continued risk, not to exceed 10 days following the receipt of a referral from the committee.

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