Resource Guide for Addressing Various College Concerns*

Type of Complaint Action Initiated By Action Contact Person
Academic Dishonesty Faculty Fill out Report of Academic Dishonesty Violation and inform student of penalty; send memo to Acting Vice President for Student Services, Kimberly McKinsey-Mabry, Ed.D. Amy Greer
(585) 292-2023
Classroom Behavior Faculty Follow the steps outlined under Classroom Behavior Amy Greer
(585) 292-2023
Complaints re: Faculty, Classroom Environment, College Procedures Student Follow the steps outlined under Complaints Protocol Ryan Messenger
(585) 292-2193
Grade Dispute/Academic Grievance Student Information regarding filing a grade dispute Kelsey Bright
(585) 292-2196
Sexual Discrimination, including Sexual Harassment and Sexual Misconduct Faculty
Information regarding on- and off-campus resources, disclosure and reporting options, and Title IX Officer contact information is located

Shannon Glasgow
(585) 292-2108

Student Well-being/General Concerns Faculty Fill out BIR form online Amy Greer
(585) 292-2023

*This is not meant to be an inclusive list.

Complaints of all types should have attempted resolution informally and closest to the source of the complaint. If that person is not available or is unresponsive, then the supervisor is the next contact person. Most of the procedures outlined in the steps above begin the formal process.