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The Ombudsman within the Office of Student Services provides all MCC students with a safe place to bring questions and concerns about MCC policies or procedures. The Ombudsman assists students by considering all sides of an issue in an impartial and objective way, and then advises on how to best resolve the problems.

The Ombudsman

  • Offers a safe place where students may discuss problems or issues within MCC. The Ombudsman does not resolve disputes for students, but provides information and communication to support students resolving their own conflicts.
  • Provides a welcoming environment to listen to concerns
  • Provides information on College policies and procedures
  • Provides information on how to make the College aware of a particular problem
  • Assists students in evaluating available options
  • Refers students to the proper authority to resolve the situation
  • Facilitates constructive dialogue
  • Provides upward feedback to the administration (or others in authority) when a systemic issue or trend occurs

Students commonly consult with the Ombudsman for

  • Financial Aid or Student Accounts concerns
  • Academic concerns (i.e., advising, courses, supports on campus)
  • Understanding and navigating College policies
  • Concerns about an appeal process at the College
  • General concerns about MCC

Reporting Forms


There are a few different types of reporting forms for incidents which have occurred at MCC.  Please read the descriptions and select the form that seems most appropriate for your situation.

Behavioral Incident Report - please use this form if you are reporting disruptive or concerning behavior not covered by any other form on this page. The Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities will follow up with you.

College Complaint Reporting Form (Non Academic) - please use this form if you are filing a complaint with the College about a service area, employee, or policy. Please note that this is for non-academic complaints only. The Ombudsman will follow up with you. For additional complaint information, see below under "College Complaints."

Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Complaint Form - please use this form if you have experienced discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, creed, age, disability, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, familial status, pregnancy, predisposing genetic characteristics, military status, domestic violence victim status, or criminal conviction.

Sexual Harassment/Sexual Misconduct Incident Report (Anonymous Option) - please use this form if you are reporting an incidence of sexual misconduct as defined by the Student Code of Conduct Title IX Policies for Individuals Reporting Sexual Harassment and MisconductIf you disclose your name, The Title IX Coordinator will follow up with you, otherwise, the Title IX Coordinator will follow up with whomever the report is about.

College Complaints

Students are encouraged to resolve concerns by contacting the campus office responsible for the area relevant to the complaint.  If dissatisfied with the response, the student may contact the relevant area supervisor, director, department chair, or dean for resolution.  The Ombudsman's role is to serve as a resource and designated neutral party for those who may have a college-related concern or grievance.  The Ombudsman does not impose solutions, but does identify options and strategies for resolution by providing contact with appropriate college resources or serving as a mediator, among other roles.

If a student has exhausted all review rights at Monroe Community College, they may pursue a concern or complaint with the SUNY System.  The address for such complaints is as follows:

State University of NY (SUNY)
System Administration
State University Plaza
Albany, NY 12246

A final level of complaint review by the New York State Education Department will only be considered if it is demonstrated that reviews at the campus and SUNY system levels have been exhausted. Visit their website for more information about filing such a complaint with NYSED.

Unresolved complaints may also be filed with the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, the College's regional accrediting agency, once all other avenues have been exhausted.  For more information, visit their website to learn about filing a complaint with Middle States, including the criteria for complaint.