Respondent Services

Information for Students Accused of Violating the Student Code of Conduct

The Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities is committed to safeguarding the diverse learning environment of Monroe Community College by upholding its standards for student conduct.  If you are a student responding to alleged violations of the Monroe Community College Student Code of Conduct, you may contact the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities to request a meeting with a neutral, unbiased person trained in MCC conduct procedures.

Role of Respondent Services

Respondent Services provides access to an MCC employee with knowledge of MCC's Student Code of Conduct and procedures.  They can help you to understand:

  • Your rights as a student in the process
  • Student Code of Conduct policies and definitions
  • Judicial process and proceedings
  • Differences between the criminal justice system and on campus student conduct processes
  • Interim measures that may have been imposed, including No Contact Order

 Respondent Services is not:

  • A confidential resource
  • Legal counsel
  • An advocate during the process (you may select an advisor/support person for that role)

As an MCC student, you have the right to participate in a conduct process that is fair, impartial, and provides adequate notice and a meaningful opportunity to be heard.  If you have been accused of wrongdoing, you are presumed not responsible until a finding of responsibility is made.