Frequently Asked Questions


How do I provide my immunization records to Health Services?
Students should upload their official immunization records to the Student Health Services Portal

Where and how can I get my immunization records?
Students can contact their primary care provider, high school, previous job in healthcare, current/previous college(s), or military to obtain your immunization records. This PDF contains more tips on locating your immunizations.

What if I can't find proof of my previous vaccines?
Students can receive the immunization from their primary health care provider or from the Monroe County Health Department Immunization Clinic.
Students can request an order for MMR blood work (known as a blood titer) from their primary care provider.  This blood work will look for immunity to measles, mumps and rubella.  Please note, this blood work may incur a fee that the student is responsible for based on insurance coverage.   

I am a current student, how do I get a copy of my immunization records?
Students can access, upload, and update immunization records using the Student Health Services Portal.

What if I cannot find my records?

  • Students can request a blood titer test from your doctor to determine if you are immune to the disease (provide us the results)
  • Students can receive the immunization from your doctor, pharmacy, or the Monroe County Immunization Clinic (585) 753-5150.


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Absences and Withdrawals

What do I do if I miss classes due to unforeseen medical circumstances?
Students should contact their professors promptly for any absence from class due to illness/injury/personal situation. Extended absence due to serious illness or injury should be reported to Health Services. Health Services does not provide a medical excuse from classes. The department will notify professors of an extended absence due to illness or injury if the student will miss greater than 7 days and must provide physician documentation. The student needs to keep an open line of communication with their professor and if necessary discuss available options.

What do I do if I need to withdrawal from school for any reason?
For information regarding the withdrawal process, visit the Registration & Records website.

Catastrophic Illness, Injury or Medical Event

  • Health Services may serve as an advocate in the withdrawal process only in the event of a catastrophic illness, injury or medical event requiring hospitalization.
  • If the student is unable to withdraw themselves, they may request assistance with a withdrawal through Health Services.
  • Students, must submit medical documentation to Health Services as soon as possible, but no later than 20 working days beyond the completion of the semester unless there are extraordinary circumstances.

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