Health-Related Programs

Health Services oversees the initial clearance and yearly reassessment process for clinical participation for all students enrolled in a health related program. Certain health requirements must be met yearly to protect both you and your patients. The required health documents are detailed below.


How to Submit your Required Documentation

Log in to the Student Health Services Portal.
Refer to the Instructions for Health Program Students for step-by-step directions on meeting each requirement.


*You may explore options for comparable insurance at the New York State of Health Insurance Marketplace website. Many MCC students qualify for low or no cost insurance available through this program, and enrollment for these particular programs is year round.You may also contact one of the local representatives below for assistance:
Sheila Forsett (585) 754-7011 or 
Lisa Galletto (585) 278-4187 or 

Second Year Requirements

How to Submit your Second Year Required Documentation

Go to the Medical Clearances tab in the portal

  • HRP Physical_Reassessment

    • Click the update button next to HRP Physical_Reassessment.
    • Download the form.
    • Complete Page 2 only: Annual Student Reassessment Form.
    • Clinical Laboratory Technician, Dental Hygiene and Assisting, Radiologic Technology and EMS Students Only: Must complete annual TB testing by submitting current PPD results or IGRA results and answering the TB Screening Questions at the bottom of the page.
    • Upload the completed form to the portal.

  • Annual TB Test for Clinical Laboratory Technician, Dental Hygiene and Assisting, Radiologic Technology and EMS students

    • Click on upload.
    • Enter the results of your TB skin test, T-Spot, Quantiferon Gold or Chest X-Ray.
    • Upload the documentation with results, please ensure this documentation clearly shows your name and birth date.
    • Click on submit.

Completing the Process

  • After you complete each entry you will see the following in the Medical Clearances Page.

    • Status: Not Compliant
    • Details: Not Satisfied
      This means we have received your documentation, but our office has not yet reviewed and approved the documentation you submitted.  You will receive an email to notify you whether or not you have met the requirements.
    • If your Screen Says: 

      • Details: No Data
        You did not provide your immunization information successfully. Please click update to try again.