Health Program Students

Health Services oversees the initial clearance and yearly reassessment process for clinical participation for all health career students. Certain health requirements must be met yearly to protect both you and your patients, in the programs listed below. Please note that religious exemptions from required vaccinations are not acceptable in clinical settings, per NYS Health Department regulations (however, they are allowed for general college attendance).The required health documents are detailed below.



These health packets must be completed fully and submitted to this office for review. To electronically fill and sign a document, please open in Adobe Acrobat if prompted on the web page or download the document and open with Adobe Acrobat Reader. If your document requires multiple electronic signatures, you will be prompted each time to save the document after signing. Add your Last Name First Initial to the end of the file name (i.e. file-name-smith-j.pdf). Filling out Electronic Forms


*You may explore options for comparable insurance at the New York State of Health Insurance Marketplace website. Many MCC students qualify for low or no cost insurance available through this program, and enrollment for these particular programs is year round.You may also contact one of the local representatives below for assistance:
Sheila Forsett (585) 754-7011 or 
Lisa Galletto (585) 278-4187 or 


Yearly TB Screening

  • If your previous TB screening test was done from May-December, May is PPD/Reassessment month for you.
  • If your previous TB screening test was done between January to April, you should have your PPD/reassessment done in December or January, before the start of the Spring semester. 
  • You may schedule the PPD at no charge in our office. A PPD involves two visits and the second visit must be two to three days after the first.


  • You may  submit proof of a negative PPD or IGRA blood test completed elsewhere .

Keep in mind

  • Every student must complete a Reassessment Form in May as well. Please bring this to your PPD appointment, or send it in with your testing results. No physical is needed.
  • For those with a past positive PPD or positive Quantiferon Gold blood test, please complete just the Reassessment Form above - no testing is needed.
  • If you are graduating within 6 months, please call our office to see if you need a TB test.
  • Pregnant students must get verbal approval from their healthcare provider for PPD placement. If the provider doesn't approve placement of the PPD, a note temporarily excusing you from testing is required.
  • For your convenience, you may submit your paperwork by:

    • Dropping it off to 3-165 - There is a drop box outside our office for after hours.
    • Emailing to
    • Fax to (585) 292-3856
    • or by U.S. mail to our office (3-165). 

Confidentiality: Your medical care and counseling at Monroe Community College Health Services are confidential. Health care records are kept separately from academic records. We do not release information outside of Monroe Community College without your written permission, except upon a court order, as required by law (as in the case of certain communicable diseases and reports of child abuse), or as required, in our judgment, to protect you or others from immediate physical danger.