Dr. Alice Holloway Young Internship Program

Alice Young

Dr. Alice Holloway Young has had a profound impact on education in Rochester and Monroe County for over fifty years. As a founding trustee of Monroe Community College, and as its chair from 1978 to 1998, she shaped the direction of the college and provided leadership that saw MCC become the premier institution it is today. As an African-American educator in the Rochester City Schools for four decades, Dr. Young was a pioneer. She was among the first African-American teachers, and the first African-American to hold the titles of Reading Specialist, Vice Principal, and Principal. When Dr. Young retired in 1985, she held the position of supervising director of elementary instruction.  Dr. Young is an integral member of the MCC Community.  The Alice Holloway Young Commons, the student residence halls, have been named in her honor.  Dr. Young's impact on the community has been recognized by the NYS Senate as a Woman of Distinction.

We have established this program to encourage talented individuals from underrepresented ethnic or racial groups to consider a career in a community college.

Goals of the Program

  • Encourage talented individuals from underrepresented groups to consider a career in community college education.
  • Enhance the educational experience of MCC students by providing learning opportunities from a diverse faculty and staff. Diversity, equity, and inclusion at MCC.

Benefits to Participants and Interns

  • Professional development workshop series (PD Certificate awarded)
  • Mentoring by College employees
  • College teaching experience (Faculty track) or practical experience working on projects within a related Division (Professional Staff track)
  • Adjunct Faculty or part-time Professional Staff stipend (*Interns ONLY)

Dr. Alice Holloway Young Diversity Internship Program (AHYDIP) interns will be placed in the President's Office, Academic Services, Administrative Services, Economic Development and Workforce Services (EDIWS) or Student Services in one of two tracks: faculty OR professional staff.  There are two options for potential candidates: intern OR participant.  Please note if you are applying to be considered for both options OR just the participant option.  All interns will be required to participate in both semesters.  Please note that exception may be given in some instances where the professional development series and practical experience will occur in the same semester.

The Dr. Alice Holloway Yound Diversity Internship Program (AHYDIP) will consist of two placement categories for potential candidates  (Divisions: President's Office, Academic Services, Administrative Services, Student Services, OR Economic Development and Workforce Services).  Placement is decided by College.

AHYDIP Program Participant: This is a one-semester opportunity -- FALL OR SPRING ONLY. This option would also consist of one day of job shadowing (Professional Staff) or one class of student teaching (Faculty).

AHYDIP Program Intern: This is a two-semester internship opportunity. During second semester, interns are assigned to a Division to teach a course (Faculty) or to a Division to work in an office (Professional Staff). During second semester, Faculty interns receive traditional adjunct pay or equivalent stipend for Professional Staff interns. Teaching internships are awarded based on course availability.

Professional Development Workshop Series

All Interns and Participants are required to participate in a professional development workshop series in the Fall semester. Details provided upon acceptance.

Required Qualifications

To be considered for the Dr. Alice Holloway Young Diversity Internship Program, applicants must complete the application process in its entirety and meet the requirements below:


  • Be diverse and represent a historically underrepresented ethnic or racial population
  • Have no prior professional-level college work experience
  • Hold a Master’s degree from an accredited institution (for Faculty interns, degree must be in a discipline taught at MCC)


  • Be a current graduate student and have completed 15 credits toward a Master’s degree from an accredited institution, in a discipline taught at MCC (see Academic Programs for disciplines taught at MCC).
  • Hold at least a Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university, with 15 graduate credits (in a disciple taught at the College)

Application Process

Applications must be submitted between January 10, 2020 and February 21, 2020 and are valid for one year.  Applications will be reviewed by committee and those selected as participants for spring 2020 will be contacted by late February 2020 regarding the professional development program that will take place in the spring semester.  Please note, paid internship assignments will take place in fall 2020 for those selected from the selected cohort of participants. 

To apply: https://monroecc.interviewexchange.com/