Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accountability Sub Committees

Inclusive Climate Committee (Inclusion and Retention)

Co-Chairs: Aaron Bouyea, Michael J. Johnson
This subcommittee would be tasked with first defining climate and the areas of concern related to climate and then working to make a recommendation to the council about strategies to address/improve climate issues at MCC. The committee will want to make themselves aware of existing surveys and data that are done institutionally and decide how to use that data as well as complement those surveys.

Institutional Diversity and Inclusion Profile (Attraction and Recruitment)

Co-Chairs: April Daniels, Sarah Pantaleo
This subcommittee would be tasked with research and recommendation around how to elevate our diversity and inclusion presence for the purposes of attracting and recruiting new faculty/staff/students to the MCC community. This might include looking at website, materials, outreach, and advertisement around searches and admissions. Members of the college community have been working on this but would like to see a small committee bring this to fruition. Bring back examples and best practices that can be shared.

Welcoming and First Point of Contact Behaviors (Messaging and Metrics)

Co-Chairs: Antonia Custodio, Jerome St. Croix
This subcommittee would be tasked with looking at what we do and what we could be doing to welcome and retain those who have chosen MCC as their new community.

Bias Related Protocol and Prevention Strategies (Inclusion and Retention)

Co-Chairs: Shirley Provost, Jodi Oriel
This subcommittee would be tasked with working with responsible agents on campus to revise, implement, and oversee the bias related protocol and processes from reporting intake through possible sanction recommendations (student conduct). This would include but not be limited to: revision and distribution of the bias related protocol, development of an intake instrument, education, and maintenance of such a process. Kristin Lowe and I have talked about this and have some examples and suggestions.

Diversity and Inclusion Programming (Community and Partnerships)

Co-Chairs: Christina Lee
This subcommittee would be tasked with looking at past programming (Diversity Conference, Essential Discussions, etc.) taking place across divisions of the college and make recommendations for programming that addresses gaps in creating the most inclusive community possible for faculty, staff and students at MCC. This would include but is not limited to looking at both internal and external partnerships (e.g. UNYCC).