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A.A.S. Degree - Career Program

Department:Health Professions

School(s): Health Sciences & Physical Wellness

MCC Program Code: DH01
CIP Code: 51.0602
NYSED Code (BRI): 01229

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This program's design is based on: Traditional MCC General Education

The two-year program in Dental Hygiene prepares graduates for careers in preventive dentistry.
Working under the supervision of a dentist, the dental hygienist provides patient care through clinical service and dental health counseling. Graduates of the program find employment in private dental offices, hospitals, clinics, and community health agencies.

The program is accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation of the American Dental Association, 211 East Chicago Avenue, Chicago, IL, 60611; phone (312)440-4653, and is registered with the State Education Department.

ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS: CPR certification (CPR for health professionals, including adult, child and infant - no on-line courses), Admission to this program is conditional upon meeting medical requirements, clearance of existing problem(s), and ability to meet technical standards (physical demands) of the program.

The program includes courses in liberal arts, basic dental science and clinical experience. All students will complete off-campus clinical assignments as part of their clinical experience.

A minimum grade of C is necessary in all required Dental Studies courses for continued matriculation in the program. No student may progress to the next Dental Studies course level without successful completion of all courses in the previous level. A student who has been previously enrolled in Dental Studies and earned a grade below C or a W in the course will not be eligible for admission/re-admission to Dental Studies, unless there are documented extenuating circumstances that warrant consideration. A student who believes that there is an extenuating circumstance should speak with an advisor in the Admissions Office or the Advisement Center. Re-admission of students after an unsuccessful attempt requires permission of the department and is always on a space available basis. Such an appeal may be made only one time. Dental Studies is a high-demand, competitive program; therefore, re-admission to the Dental Studies program is rare. Any student who is re-admitted to the Dental Studies program and fails to achieve a grade of C or higher a second time is ineligible to continue in the Dental Studies program. Admission/re-admission is always on a space available basis. Students must follow the sequence of courses semester by semester as presented. A student who fails to achieve the C in the fourth semester DEN courses will be ineligible for graduation. Successful completion of the program permits admission to licensure examinations. Students must also take a clinical exam in the region in which they plan to practice. MCC Dental Hygiene students take the National Board examination after graduation. Dental hygienists must be licensed in order to practice. Prior to clinical experience, students must have a physical examination. Students are required to recruit patients in order to meet clinical requirements.
(Housed in the Health Professions Department)

Program Learning Outcomes
1) Apply a professional code of ethics in all endeavors using the highest professional knowledge and ethical principles within the context of the New York State Dental Hygiene Practice Act
2) Collect analyze and record data on the general oral and health status of patients using methods consistent with medical and legal principles
3) Use decision-making skills to determine the patient’s needs related to his/her oral health and overall health based on all available data.
4) Provide individualized care (and will be prepared to manage medical emergencies) that include accepted infection control procedures and appropriate education preventive therapeutic and referral services to assist the patient in achieving and maintaining optimal oral health.
5) Evaluate the effectiveness of educational preventive therapeutic and referral services and modify those services if necessary to assist the client in achieving and maintaining optimal health
6) Assess plan implement and evaluate community-based oral health programs to a diverse population including health promotion and disease prevention activities.
7) Analyze scientific literature and use an evidence-based approach to patient care
8) Support the profession of dental hygiene through participation and affiliation with professional and community organizations

Employment Potential
For related jobs: Career Coach
Occupational Resource:

Requirements for Program Entrance
High school Algebra or MTH 098 at MCC with a grade of C or better. Biology and Chemistry with a grade of C or better.

Competitive Admission — Please contact the Admissions Office regarding current admission criteria and/or geographic limitations.

Distribution Requirements Credit Hours
FIRST SEMESTER*: 16 Credit Hours
BIO 134 Essentials of Human Anatomy and Physiology I #3
DEN 110 Dental Health Education1
DEN 111 Dental Radiography I2
DEN 112 Oral Anatomy and Physiology I2
DEN 113 Barrier Precautions and Infection Control Measures1
DEN 114 Dental Hygiene I2
DEN 115 Clinical Dental Hygiene I2
ENG 101 College Composition OR
ENG 200 Advanced Composition
SECOND SEMESTER*: 18 Credit Hours
BIO 135 Essentials of Human Anatomy and Physiology II #3
BIO 202 Microbiology4
DEN 121 Dental Radiography II**2
DEN 122 Oral Anatomy and Physiology II2
DEN 123 Oral Pathology I1
DEN 124 Dental Hygiene II1
DEN 125 Clinical Dental Hygiene II**4
DEN 129 Periodontics I1
THIRD SEMESTER*: 19 Credit Hours
BIO 217 Nutrition3
DEN 211 Dental Materials2
DEN 212 Community Dentistry I 1
DEN 213 Oral Pathology II1
DEN 214 Dental Hygiene III2
DEN 215 Clinical Dental Hygiene III**4
DEN 216 Dental Therapeutics I1
DEN 217 Dental Specialties1
DEN 219 Periodontics II1
SPC 141 Interpersonal Communication OR
SPC 144 Communication and Crisis
FOURTH SEMESTER*: 15 Credit Hours
DEN 222 Community Dentistry II1
DEN 224 Dental Hygiene IV1
DEN 225 Clinical Dental Hygiene IV**4
DEN 226 Dental Therapeutics II1
DEN 228 Dental Office Management/Business Practice1
DEN 229 Periodontics III1
PSY 101 Introductory Psychology3
SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology3

* Completion of all previous semester dental hygiene courses with a grade of C or better, and passing grades in biology are required for advancement to the next semester. Students may complete BIO courses prior to the sequence listed in the catalog. Students must complete BIO and DEN courses following the semester sequence.
** Enrollment in DEN 121, DEN 125, DEN 215 and DEN 225 is conditional upon satisfactory completion of the medical requirements and clearance from any existing health problem(s). Students are required to recruit patients to meet course requirements.
# BIO 144 and BIO 145 may be taken in place of BIO 134 and BIO 135.

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