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Certificate Program

Department:Engineering Technologies

School(s): Applied Sciences & Technologies

MCC Program Code: OT02
CIP Code: 15.0304
NYSED Code (BRI): 03899

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The Optical Technology Certificate Program prepares students to work in optical activities, such as testing, quality control, and production. It provides a background in optics using the eye as a detector, but not incorporating the peripheral disciplines, such as electronics and photography, as offered in the A.A.S. curriculum in Optics.

This certificate program is designed for people working in the field, or in an allied field, who wish to add optics to their sphere of competence. All courses shall be applicable to the A.A.S. degree should the student wish to continue his/her education in Optical Engineering Technology.
(Housed in the Engineering Technologies Department)

Program Learning Outcomes
1. Understand and perform the basic and advanced optical manufacturing techniques for today’s precision optical components.
2. Understand perform the basic and advanced metrology techniques for testing optical systems and individual optical components.

Employment Potential
For related jobs: Career Coach
Occupational Resource:

Requirements for Program Entrance
Intermediate Algebra with Trigonometry (or Math 104 at MCC).

Distribution Requirements

Credit Hours
OPT 131 Optical Elements and Ray Optics4
OPT 135 Measurement and Analysis4
MTH 140 Technical Mathematics I or higher*3-4
TEK 101 Computer Applications for Technicians2
OPT 151 Optical Instruments and Testing 4
OPT 213 Optical Processes 4
OPT 233 Advanced Dimensional Measurement 4
OPT 235 Advanced Optical Manufacturing 4
OPT 151 Optical Instruments and Testing 4
OPT 201 Photo Science 4
OPT 211 Wave Optics and Applications 4
OPT 233 Advanced Dimensional Measurement 4
ELT 121 AC/DC Circuit Analysis 4
ELT 232 Electronics for Non-Majors 4
OPT 153 Fiber Optics 3
OPT 215 Electro-Optical Devices and Systems 4

* Higher level mathematics may be substituted except for MTH 150, MTH 155, and MTH 156. Students considering an AAS degree are advised to take MTH 140.
** Students must consult with their advisor in selecting program electives. Depending on a student's career objectives, the following course sequences are recommended.

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