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Course Descriptions

The following is a complete listing of courses offered at MCC. You can also visit our Programs of Study page for a list of course requirements necessary to complete your degree.

Please note: Special Studies is a general heading for experimental courses or those for which the demand is untested, unknown, immediate, or temporary. You can visit our Special Studies page for a list of Special Studies courses.

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Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">AAD - Applied Art and Design</div>]
AAD - Applied Art and Design
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">ACC - Accounting</div>]
ACC - Accounting
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">ACD - Alcohol/Chemical Dependency</div>]
ACD - Alcohol/Chemical Dependency
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">AGS - Agricultural Studies</div>]
AGS - Agricultural Studies
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">ANT - Anthropology</div>]
ANT - Anthropology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">ARA - Arabic/Foreign Language</div>]
ARA - Arabic/Foreign Language
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">ART - Art</div>]
ART - Art
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">ASL - American Sign Language/Foreign Language</div>]
ASL - American Sign Language/Foreign Language
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">ATP - Automotive Technology</div>]
ATP - Automotive Technology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">BIO - Biology</div>]
BIO - Biology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">BUS - Business</div>]
BUS - Business
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">CDL - Interdisciplinary</div>]
CDL - Interdisciplinary
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">CE  - Disney College Program Internship</div>]
CE - Disney College Program Internship
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">CEL - Leadership</div>]
CEL - Leadership
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">CHE - Chemistry</div>]
CHE - Chemistry
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">CHI - Chinese/Foreign Language</div>]
CHI - Chinese/Foreign Language
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">CIN - Cinema Studies</div>]
CIN - Cinema Studies
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">Cinema Studies</div>]
Cinema Studies
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">CIS - Computer Information Systems</div>]
CIS - Computer Information Systems
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">CIT - Civil and Construction Technology</div>]
CIT - Civil and Construction Technology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">CLT - Clinical Laboratory Technician</div>]
CLT - Clinical Laboratory Technician
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">COM - Communication</div>]
COM - Communication
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">COS - College Success</div>]
COS - College Success
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">CPT - Computer Technology</div>]
CPT - Computer Technology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">CRC - Computer Related Curricula</div>]
CRC - Computer Related Curricula
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">CRJ - Criminal Justice</div>]
CRJ - Criminal Justice
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">CSC - Computer Science</div>]
CSC - Computer Science
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">DAS - Dental Assisting</div>]
DAS - Dental Assisting
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">DEN - Dental Hygiene</div>]
DEN - Dental Hygiene
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">EBL - Experience Based Learning</div>]
EBL - Experience Based Learning
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">ECE - Education and Early Care</div>]
ECE - Education and Early Care
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">ECO - Economics</div>]
ECO - Economics
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">EDU - Education</div>]
EDU - Education
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">ELT - Electrical Engineering Technology/Electronics</div>]
ELT - Electrical Engineering Technology/Electronics
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">EMS - Emergency Medical Services</div>]
EMS - Emergency Medical Services
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">ENG - English Literature</div>]
ENG - English Literature
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">ENG - English Writing</div>]
ENG - English Writing
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">ENR - Engineering Science</div>]
ENR - Engineering Science
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">ESL - English For Speakers Of Other Languages (ESOL)</div>]
ESL - English For Speakers Of Other Languages (ESOL)
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">FPT - Fire Protection Technology</div>]
FPT - Fire Protection Technology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">FRE - French/Foreign Language</div>]
FRE - French/Foreign Language
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">FSA - Food Service Administration</div>]
FSA - Food Service Administration
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">GEG - Geography</div>]
GEG - Geography
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">GEO - Geology</div>]
GEO - Geology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">GER - German/Foreign Language</div>]
GER - German/Foreign Language
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">GLF - Golf Management</div>]
GLF - Golf Management
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">HBR - Hebrew/Foreign Language</div>]
HBR - Hebrew/Foreign Language
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">HED - Health Education</div>]
HED - Health Education
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">HEG - Health Education Global</div>]
HEG - Health Education Global
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">HIM - Health Information Technology</div>]
HIM - Health Information Technology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">HIS - History</div>]
HIS - History
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">HMN - Humanities</div>]
HMN - Humanities
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">HON - Honors Studies</div>]
HON - Honors Studies
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">Honors Studies</div>]
Honors Studies
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">HSM - Homeland Security Administration</div>]
HSM - Homeland Security Administration
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">HSP - Hospitality</div>]
HSP - Hospitality
Hide details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">HUM - Human Services</div>]
HUM - Human Services
HUM 100 - Entry Level Skills for the Human Services Student
This is a prerequisite course for students presently enrolled in TRS 105 who would like to enroll in HUM 101 Introduction to Human Services. It will include an overview of the field, career choices within Human Services, an understanding of the field work experience, self assessment, and a development of personal learning goals and plans. 3 Credits.
HUM 101 - Introduction to Human Services
Introduction to generic issues in human services. Role definition, boundaries, and ethics of professional relationships. Examination of self-awareness in the helping relationship and development of beginning group skills. Development and practice of observing, listening, recording and interviewing skills. Discussion and analysis of field work experiences. Students must be qualified ( based on Accuplacer) to take ENG 101 in order to register for this course. In conjunction with this course, the student must take and pass HUM 111 Field Work in Human Services I. 4 Credits.

Prerequisite: Placement exam at ENG 101 level. Corequisite: HUM 111.
HUM 102 - Basic Helping Skills
Development of basic helping skills, including sensitivity, empathy, attending, questioning, confrontation, and problem solving. Examination and evaluation of client assessment, goal setting, case planning, case management. Further practice in group process and continuation of skill development in observing, listening, interviewing, recording and reporting. Discussions and analysis of field work experience. Students must be qualified ( based on Accuplacer) to take ENG 101 in order to register for this course. In conjunction with this course, the student must take and pass HUM 112 Field Work in Human Services II. 4 Credits.

Prerequisite: HUM 101 with a grade of C- or better.
HUM 106 - Human Services Focus
Designed to allow maximum, flexible response to specific needs of groups and agencies with particular human service problems. Details of specific offerings will be available at registration time each semester offered. Students must be qualified ( based on Accuplacer) to take ENG 101 in order to register for this course. In conjunction with this course, the student must take and pass HUM 116 Field Work in Human Services Focus. 4 Credits.

Prerequisite: HUM 101 with a grade of C- or better
HUM 109 - Basic Helping Skills
Introduction to basic helping skills in human services. Examination of professional ethics in helping relationships. Examination of self-awareness and development of beginning active listening skills including, but not limited to, observing, listening, questioning, and challenging in helping relationships. Introducing concepts of empathy, acceptance, and unconditional positive regard. Students will complete an experiential learning portion totaling 80 hours of field work. Students will explore and gain hands-on practical experience in a community agency based on their interests and goals and participate in discussion and analysis of field work experiences. Students must have satisfied any placement or pre-requisites to be at ENG 101 level. 6 Credits.

Satisfied any placement or pre-requisites to be at ENG 101 level
HUM 111 - Field Work in Human Services I
On the basis of his or her particular interests, each student chooses the kind of community agency in which he/she would like to train. Under the guidance of experienced agency supervisors, the student begins the reality testing process in the paraprofessional role. Carefully graded opportunities to take responsibility for agency clients. In conjunction with this course, the student must take and pass HUM 101 Introduction to Human Services. Open only to students in HUM 101. 2 Credits.
HUM 112 - Field Work in Human Services II
Student chooses this field work placement in accordance with his or her emerging career goals. Opportunities for taking increasing amounts of responsibility for agency clients. Planning with experienced agency supervisor to develop specific skills needed to function effectively as a member of the agency's helping service team. In conjunction with this course, the student must take and pass HUM 102 Basic Helping Skills. Open only to students in HUM 102. 2 Credits.

Prerequisite: HUM 111 with a grade of C- or better.
HUM 116 - Field Work in Human Services Focus
A Human Services field work course designed to meet the needs of students in Human Services focus courses. This course provides practical experience in the service field for each Human Services focus course. In conjunction with this course, the student must take and pass HUM 106 Human Services Focus. Open only to students in HUM 106. 2 Credits.

Prerequisite: HUM 111 with a grade of C- or better; co-requisite: HUM 106
HUM 130 - Introduction to the Disability Support Services Field
This course will provide students with an orientation to direct services in the field of disability. It will give a broad overview of the essential topics in providing direct services and address common expectations and issues direct service providers encounter in this field. 3 Credits.
HUM 135 - Roles and Responsibilities in Disability Support Services
This course is designed to explore careers in the disability field and also examine service systems that provide support to people with disabilities. The course will emphasize experiential opportunities to meet and observe individuals from a variety of professions in the field, which will foster a deeper understanding of roles and responsibilities in the disability field. 3 Credits.
HUM 201 - Models of Helping
Examination of the models, theories and roles that guide the practice of Human Services. The organizational structure of human services agencies will be examined and the systemic issues that impact clients and agencies will be analyzed. Career and transfer opportunities will be explored. Advanced group process, and field work experience will be discussed and analyzed. Students must be qualified ( based on Accuplacer) to take ENG 101 in order to register for this course. In conjunction with this course, the student must take and pass HUM 211 Field Work in Human Services III. 4 Credits.

Prerequisite: HUM 102, 112 with a grade of C- or better.
HUM 207 - Skills for Working with Family Violence Issues
This course will provide an introduction to legal, medical, and social perspectives on family violence issues. It will examine the definitions/types, controversies, and nature/scope of family violence. It will also examine the factors which contribute to and consequences of family violence from the legal, medical, and social perspectives. Students will develop, discuss, analyze, and practice working with issues of family violence in class. 3 Credits.
HUM 210 - Disability Across the Lifespan-Strategies
The course provides a basic understanding in the identification, prevalence and characteristics of individuals with disabilities across the life span. Additionally, the course will review legal mandates and historical movements that have shaped and defined the disability community today. Students will explore resources that will assist them in working with individuals with disabilities across the lifespan. 3 Credits.
HUM 211 - Field Work in Human Services III
Students select field placement to enhance attainment of individual career goals. Under experienced agency supervisors, students carry increased responsibility for clients and for agency program planning. Further development of the specific helping skills needed for effective functioning in the chosen agency. In conjunction with this course, the student must take and pass HUM 201 Models of Helping. Open only to students in HUM 201. 2 Credits.

Prerequisite: HUM 112 with a grade of C- or better.
HUM 217 - Skills for Mental Health Services
Development of skills needed for effective, culturally sensitive helping, management and rehabilitation of clients with mental health disorders. Skills include attending, observing, analyzing, and problem-solving. Attention will be given to enhancing client motivation, assessing affective states, collecting data, analyzing behavior, and recognizing onset of relapse and violence. Students will practice responding to resistance, team-based safety management in treatment settings, and communicating health and wellness information to clients and significant others. Discussions include analyzing case studies, knowledge of the rights of patients, and developing cultural competency. 3 Credits.
HUM 218 - Working with Trauma Informed Care Skills
This course will provide an introduction to trauma and principles of trauma informed care. It will examine the definitions/types and nature/scope of trauma and its impact on individuals, families and communities. It will also explore how trauma informed care informs the delivery of services and interaction with persons in various settings such as human services, social work, education, medical care, addiction treatment, and criminal justice. Students will develop, discuss, analyze and practice aspects of trauma informed care. 3 Credits.
HUM 220 - Working with Clients Post-Incarceration
This course addresses issues that may be encountered by those whose work brings them into contact with individuals who are returning, or have recently returned, to society from incarceration. It includes understanding of the stigma attached to their legal status, the barriers that they may encounter, and the sometimes misguided mind-set with which some formerly incarcerated individuals anticipate their return to families and society as a whole. Additionally, the course includes topics such as interaction with legal supervision, case management, housing, and employment for the formerly incarcerated. 3 Credits.
HUM 230 - Individualized Planning and Documentation for Disability Support Services
This course will provide an overview of documentation and compliance requirements across service systems, including early intervention services, school-age services, vocational rehabilitation services, mental health services,and day services. In addition, the course will incorporate approaches within a person centered planning framework for developing and implementing individualized supports for individuals with disabilities. 3 Credits.
HUM 235 - Supporting and Communicating with People with Significant Disabilities
This course is an exploration of the ways in which people with significant disabilities are supported in their communities. The course will emphasize concepts of positive behavioral support and communication strategies to facilitate self-determination and independent decision-making in a person’s daily life. Students will learn about key concepts and the philosophy models of services systems that support people with significant disabilities. 3 Credits.
HUM 236 - Contemporary Issues in the Field of Disability Support Services
This course will provide an in-depth exploration of contemporary issues in the field of direct disability support services, starting with the historical roots and current events in the disability rights movement, moving into specific contemporary issues, and ending with the most current controversial topics in the field. 3 Credits.
HUM 250 - Introduction to Aging for the Human Services Worker
Students will examine contemporary issues impacting older adults such as special needs, changing roles experienced with aging, community resources, legislation and programs designed to meet these multifaceted needs. Students will develop methods for planning and implementing diverse activities and other approaches to encourage maintenance of health and self-sufficiency of the mature adult. 3 Credits.
HUM 290 - Independent Study
See the Department Chairperson. Variable Credit.
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">HVA - Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning</div>]
HVA - Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">IDE - Interior Design</div>]
IDE - Interior Design
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">ITA - Italian/Foreign Language</div>]
ITA - Italian/Foreign Language
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">JPN - Japanese/Foreign Language</div>]
JPN - Japanese/Foreign Language
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">LAS - Liberal Arts</div>]
LAS - Liberal Arts
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">LAW - Law</div>]
LAW - Law
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">LDS - Leadership</div>]
LDS - Leadership
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">MAR - Marketing</div>]
MAR - Marketing
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">MET - Mechanical Technology</div>]
MET - Mechanical Technology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">MIS - Management Information Systems</div>]
MIS - Management Information Systems
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">MMP - Automotive Technology</div>]
MMP - Automotive Technology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">MTH - Mathematics</div>]
MTH - Mathematics
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">MUS - Music</div>]
MUS - Music
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">NUR - Nursing</div>]
NUR - Nursing
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">OFT - Office Technology</div>]
OFT - Office Technology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">OPT - Optical Systems Technology</div>]
OPT - Optical Systems Technology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">PE  - Physical Education--Coed</div>]
PE - Physical Education--Coed
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">PEC - Physical Education--Coed</div>]
PEC - Physical Education--Coed
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">PEJ - Physical Education-Criminal Justice</div>]
PEJ - Physical Education-Criminal Justice
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">PEM - Physical Education--Men</div>]
PEM - Physical Education--Men
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">PEW - Physical Education-Women</div>]
PEW - Physical Education-Women
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">PHL - Philosophy</div>]
PHL - Philosophy
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">PHO - Photography</div>]
PHO - Photography
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">PHY - Physics</div>]
PHY - Physics
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">PLE - Police: Law Enforcement</div>]
PLE - Police: Law Enforcement
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">PLS - Paralegal Studies</div>]
PLS - Paralegal Studies
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">POS - Political Science</div>]
POS - Political Science
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">PPE - Physical Studies/Physical Education</div>]
PPE - Physical Studies/Physical Education
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">PSC - Public Safety Communications</div>]
PSC - Public Safety Communications
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">PST - Public Safety Training</div>]
PST - Public Safety Training
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">PSY - Psychology</div>]
PSY - Psychology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">Public Speaking</div>]
Public Speaking
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">REA - Reading</div>]
REA - Reading
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">SCI - Science</div>]
SCI - Science
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">SCR - Computer Security</div>]
SCR - Computer Security
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">SGT - Surgical Technology</div>]
SGT - Surgical Technology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">SKT - Tooling and Machining</div>]
SKT - Tooling and Machining
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">SMT - Sports Management</div>]
SMT - Sports Management
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">SOC - Sociology</div>]
SOC - Sociology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">SPA - Spanish/Foreign Language</div>]
SPA - Spanish/Foreign Language
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">SPC - Speech Communication</div>]
SPC - Speech Communication
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">STT - Solar Thermal Technology</div>]
STT - Solar Thermal Technology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">SUS - Sustainability Studies</div>]
SUS - Sustainability Studies
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">SVL - Service Learning</div>]
SVL - Service Learning
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">TAM - Tooling and Machining</div>]
TAM - Tooling and Machining
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">TEK - Technology</div>]
TEK - Technology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">THE - Theatre</div>]
THE - Theatre
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">TOY - Toyota</div>]
TOY - Toyota
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">TRS - Transitional Studies</div>]
TRS - Transitional Studies
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">TVL - Travel And Tourism</div>]
TVL - Travel And Tourism
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">XRT - Radiologic Technology</div>]
XRT - Radiologic Technology