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Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">AAD - Applied Art and Design</div>]
AAD - Applied Art and Design
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">ACC - Accounting</div>]
ACC - Accounting
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">ACD - Alcohol/Chemical Dependency</div>]
ACD - Alcohol/Chemical Dependency
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">AFS - African American Studies</div>]
AFS - African American Studies
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">AGS - Agricultural Studies</div>]
AGS - Agricultural Studies
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">ANT - Anthropology</div>]
ANT - Anthropology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">ARA - Arabic/Foreign Language</div>]
ARA - Arabic/Foreign Language
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">ART - Art</div>]
ART - Art
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">ASL - American Sign Language/Foreign Language</div>]
ASL - American Sign Language/Foreign Language
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">ATP - Automotive Technology</div>]
ATP - Automotive Technology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">BIO - Biology</div>]
BIO - Biology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">BUS - Business</div>]
BUS - Business
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">CDL - Interdisciplinary</div>]
CDL - Interdisciplinary
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">CE  - Cooperative Education-Disney World</div>]
CE - Cooperative Education-Disney World
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">CE  - Hospitality</div>]
CE - Hospitality
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">CEL - Leadership</div>]
CEL - Leadership
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">CHE - Chemistry</div>]
CHE - Chemistry
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">CHI - Chinese/Foreign Language</div>]
CHI - Chinese/Foreign Language
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">CIN - Cinema Studies</div>]
CIN - Cinema Studies
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">Cinema Studies</div>]
Cinema Studies
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">CIS - Computer Information Systems</div>]
CIS - Computer Information Systems
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">CIT - Civil and Construction Technology</div>]
CIT - Civil and Construction Technology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">CLT - Clinical Laboratory Technician</div>]
CLT - Clinical Laboratory Technician
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">COM - Communication</div>]
COM - Communication
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">COS - College Success</div>]
COS - College Success
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">CPT - Computer Technology</div>]
CPT - Computer Technology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">CRC - Computer Related Curricula</div>]
CRC - Computer Related Curricula
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">CRJ - Criminal Justice</div>]
CRJ - Criminal Justice
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">CSC - Computer Science</div>]
CSC - Computer Science
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">DAS - Dental Assisting</div>]
DAS - Dental Assisting
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">DEN - Dental Hygiene</div>]
DEN - Dental Hygiene
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">EBL - Experience Based Learning</div>]
EBL - Experience Based Learning
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">ECE - Education and Early Care</div>]
ECE - Education and Early Care
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">ECO - Economics</div>]
ECO - Economics
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">EDU - Education</div>]
EDU - Education
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">ELT - Electrical Engineering Technology/Electronics</div>]
ELT - Electrical Engineering Technology/Electronics
Hide details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">EMS - Emergency Medical Services</div>]
EMS - Emergency Medical Services
EMS 101 - EMS First Responder
This course is for non-ambulance professional rescuers who are first to arrive at an emergency medical scene to provide pre hospital care. The Certified First Responder uses a limited amount of equipment to perform initial assessment and intervention and is trained to assist and work side by side with other EMS providers. Topics covered are patient assessment, CPR review, airway, shock, wound management, full body immobilization, and initial treatment for other medical emergencies. Students successfully completing this course are eligible for New York State Department of Health Certified First Responder certification. 3 Credits.
EMS 109 - EMS First Responder Recertification
This course is for students who wish to update their knowledge and skills learned in EMS 101. In addition to assessment and treatment updates, the students will prepare for recertification as a New York State Certified First Responder by visiting topics of patient assessment, airway management, circulatory emergencies, trauma, and selected medical emergencies. 1 Credit.

Prerequisite and/or corequisite: EMS 101 or equivalent.
EMS 110 - Emergency Medical Technician
This course is designed for students to become an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). The primary focus of the EMT is to provide basic emergency medical care, skills, and transportation for critical and emergent patients who access the emergency medical system. EMTs function as part of a comprehensive EMS response, under medical oversight. EMTs perform interventions with the basic equipment typically found on an ambulance. The EMT is a link from the scene to the emergency health care system. This course integrates knowledge of the EMS systems, safety/well being of the EMT, and medical, legal, and ethical issues, which is intended to improve the health of EMS personnel, patients, and the community. Successful completion of this course leads to eligibility to take New York State EMT Certification Exams. 6 Credits.
EMS 118 - EMT-Basic Core Review
This course is designed for New York State Certified EMTs to meet their recertification needs in reviewing the core material of the EMT Basic Curriculum. Material is presented in areas of Airway, Patient Assessment, Medical Emergencies, Behavioral Problems, Trauma, Obstetrics, Pediatrics, and Contemporary Issues in EMS. This course meets New York State requirements for 30 hours of core review described in the NYS Department of Health EMS Recertification through Continuing Education. This course will also cover the "Mandatory Optional Topics" of Weapons of Mass Destruction and Geriatrics 2 Credits.

Prerequisite: EMS 110 or EMS 119
EMS 119 - Emergency Medical Technician Recertification
This course is for individuals who are certified as emergency medical technicians and need recertification for previously learned material while gaining new knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to be a competent, productive, and valuable member of the emergency medical services team. The course presents students with both a review and update of the topics covered in the Emergency Medical Technician course (EMS 110). This course consists of an optional written and practical skills challenge exam at the start of the class, which will help evaluate the current skill and knowledge of the refreshing EMT student and provide an opportunity for customization of the course to meet each EMT student's needs. 3 Credits.

Prerequisite: EMS 110 or equivalent.
EMS 171 - Critical Trauma Care
This course contains practical and lecture material showing state-of-the-art assessment and treatment techniques for multiple system trauma victims. The course exposes the EMT to patient priority assessment and management concepts that are needed for successful outcomes for victims of life threatening trauma. Topics include rapid extrication, kinetics of trauma, expanded primary survey, the Golden Hour, and trauma centers. Must be an EMT. 1 Credit.
EMS 202 - Paramedicine II
This class is the second in a series intended to prepare competent entry-level Paramedics in the cognitive (knowledge), psychomotor (skills), and affective (behavior) learning domains. This course covers care of patients experiencing a broad array of medical emergencies of various origins. These include neurologic, endocrine, infectious, abdominal, gynecologic, psychiatric, and toxicologic etiologies. 8.5 Credits.

Pre-requisites: EMS 201 and EMS 251; co-requisite: EMS 252
EMS 203 - Advanced Trauma Issues in Paramedicine
This class is the third in a series intended to prepare competent entry level Paramedics in the cognitive (knowledge), psychomotor (skills), and affective (behavior) learning domains. In this course we address the unique emergency care needs of specialized populations such as children, geriatric patients, and patients with physical and mental challenges. We finish with an introduction to concepts of trauma management which are carried forward in the next course. 8 Credits.

Pre-requisites: EMS 202 and EMS 252; co-requisite: EMS 253
EMS 236 - Advanced Cardiac Life Support
This course prepares students for certification by the American Heart Association in Advanced Cardiac Life Support. It provides a systematic approach to the management of life threatening cardiac and respiratory emergencies. Must be a physician, physician's assistant, registered nurse, advanced level prehospital care provider, or student of these disciplines. 1 Credit.

Prerequisite: Must be a physician, physician’s assistant, registered nurse, advanced level pre-hospital care provider, or student of these disciplines
EMS 239 - Paramedic Clinical and Field Experience I
This course provides the paramedic student with an opportunity to apply previously learned knowledge and skills in a supervised clinical setting. Rotations in this course include the emergency department, specialty hospital units, and prehospital experience. Students must demonstrate competence in certain skills during the course. Must be currently enrolled in the paramedic certification program. 5 Credits.

Prerequisite: EMS 270 previously completed or taken concurrently
EMS 240 - Paramedic Clinical and Field Experience II
This course provides the paramedic student with an opportunity to apply previously learned knowledge and skills in a supervised clinical setting. Rotations in this course include the emergency department, medical and surgical intensive care, pediatrics and pediatric intensive care, labor and delivery, psychiatric, and prehospital experience. Student must demonstrate competence in certain skills during the course. Must be currently enrolled in the paramedic certification program. 7 Credits.

Prerequisite: EMS 239
EMS 246 - Pediatric Advanced Care
This course presents concepts in advanced airway management and resuscitation of pediatric patients in the emergency setting. Specific topics include special pharmacology for pediatric patients, interosseous infusion, and cardiac resuscitation of pediatric patients. Completion also leads to eligibility for PALS certificate from the American Heart Association. This course contains content that is woven into the full program and is not just a standalone topic. 1 Credit.

Prerequisite: EMS 270 or equivalent.
EMS 249 - Paramedic Review and Recertification
The Refresher program is a review of the original program in a condensed number of hours. The intent of this program is to maintain a student's competence in knowledge and skill performance. The program embraces the same concept, but also encourages the inclusion of new and expanded information. New techniques and knowledge will be presented where appropriate. This course is not designed to be continuing education for participants. Must be certified as a paramedic. 4 Credits.
EMS 250 - 12-Lead EKG Interpretation in the Emergency Setting
Designed for the advanced pre-hospital EMS provider and other health professionals involved in treating cardiac patients in the emergency setting. Upon completion, students will be able to read and classify 12-lead EKGs. Topics include cardiac anatomy review, electrical physiology, axis determination, bundle branch and hemiblocks, 12-lead abnormalities, correlation between EKG changes and location of cardiac damage, and unique cardiac phenomenon. This course focuses strongly in Office and Emergency Settings to make triage and treatment decisions. 1 Credit.

Prerequisites: EMS 236 and PST 252.
EMS 270 - Introduction to Paramedicine
This course is designed to prepare a person to care for the sick and injured at an advanced level of care. Persons must be currently certified as a Basic EMT to be accepted in this course. This course covers topics that include basic anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, respiratory emergencies, venous access and medication administration, airway management, medical documentation, cardiac emergencies, pediatric emergencies, caring for the elderly, and medical emergencies. This course integrates comprehensive knowledge of EMS systems, safety/well being of the paramedic, and medical, legal, ethical issues, which is intended to improve the health of EMS personnel, patients, and the community. This course is part of the first phase of a sequence that qualifies candidates to take the certification exam for Paramedic. 12 Credits.

Prerequisite: EMS 110.
EMS 271 - Medical Care in Paramedicine
This course builds on the medical concepts learned in Introduction to Paramedicine. Topics include advanced patient assessment techniques, surgical airway procedures, cardiac care including external pacing and cardioversion, 12-lead EKG interpretation, and advanced medical care. Additional emphasis is placed on the EMT-P working as a team member, and identifying the limitations of paramedicine in the emergency medical setting. 8 Credits.

Prerequisite: EMS 270, and permission from the Emergency Services Department.
EMS 272 - Advanced Trauma Issues in Paramedicine
This course presents material on the advanced concepts in trauma care needed for delivery of emergency medical care at the EMT-P level of practice. Current issues and techniques are covered. Specific topics include surgical airway techniques, chest decompression, advanced treatment for hypoperfusion, and special immobilization techniques. Work is also accomplished in the use of the United Incident Management System, and working with rescue personnel in delivery of care to patients who are entrapped. 7 Credits.

Prerequisite: EMS 270, and permission from the Emergency Services Department.
EMS 290 - Independent Study
See the Department Chairperson. Variable Credit.
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">ENG - English Literature</div>]
ENG - English Literature
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">ENG - English Writing</div>]
ENG - English Writing
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">ENR - Engineering Science</div>]
ENR - Engineering Science
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">ESL - English For Speakers Of Other Languages (ESOL)</div>]
ESL - English For Speakers Of Other Languages (ESOL)
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">FPT - Fire Protection Technology</div>]
FPT - Fire Protection Technology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">FRE - French/Foreign Language</div>]
FRE - French/Foreign Language
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">FSA - Food Service Administration</div>]
FSA - Food Service Administration
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">GEG - Geography</div>]
GEG - Geography
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">GEO - Geology</div>]
GEO - Geology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">GER - German/Foreign Language</div>]
GER - German/Foreign Language
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">GLF - Golf Management</div>]
GLF - Golf Management
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">GLS - Global Studies</div>]
GLS - Global Studies
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">GSS - Gender and Sexuality Studies</div>]
GSS - Gender and Sexuality Studies
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">HBR - Hebrew/Foreign Language</div>]
HBR - Hebrew/Foreign Language
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">HED - Health Education</div>]
HED - Health Education
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">HEG - Health Education Global</div>]
HEG - Health Education Global
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">HEG - Health Professions</div>]
HEG - Health Professions
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">HIM - Health Information Technology</div>]
HIM - Health Information Technology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">HIS - History</div>]
HIS - History
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">HMN - Humanities</div>]
HMN - Humanities
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">HON - Honors Studies</div>]
HON - Honors Studies
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">Honors Studies</div>]
Honors Studies
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">HSM - Homeland Security Administration</div>]
HSM - Homeland Security Administration
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">HSP - Hospitality</div>]
HSP - Hospitality
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">HTL - Hotel Technology</div>]
HTL - Hotel Technology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">HUM - Human Services</div>]
HUM - Human Services
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">HVA - Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning</div>]
HVA - Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">IDE - Interior Design</div>]
IDE - Interior Design
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">ITA - Italian/Foreign Language</div>]
ITA - Italian/Foreign Language
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">JPN - Japanese/Foreign Language</div>]
JPN - Japanese/Foreign Language
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">LAW - Law</div>]
LAW - Law
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">LDS - Leadership</div>]
LDS - Leadership
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">MAR - Marketing</div>]
MAR - Marketing
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">MET - Mechanical Technology</div>]
MET - Mechanical Technology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">MMP - Automotive Technology</div>]
MMP - Automotive Technology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">MTH - Mathematics</div>]
MTH - Mathematics
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">MUS - Music</div>]
MUS - Music
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">NUR - Nursing</div>]
NUR - Nursing
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">OFT - Office Technology</div>]
OFT - Office Technology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">OPT - Optical Systems Technology</div>]
OPT - Optical Systems Technology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">PE  - Physical Education--Coed</div>]
PE - Physical Education--Coed
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">PEC - Physical Education--Coed</div>]
PEC - Physical Education--Coed
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">PEJ - Physical Education-Criminal Justice</div>]
PEJ - Physical Education-Criminal Justice
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">PEM - Physical Education--Men</div>]
PEM - Physical Education--Men
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">PEW - Physical Education-Women</div>]
PEW - Physical Education-Women
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">PHL - Philosophy</div>]
PHL - Philosophy
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">PHO - Photography</div>]
PHO - Photography
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">PHY - Physics</div>]
PHY - Physics
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">PLE - Police: Law Enforcement</div>]
PLE - Police: Law Enforcement
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">PLS - Paralegal Studies</div>]
PLS - Paralegal Studies
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">POS - Political Science</div>]
POS - Political Science
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">PPE - Physical Studies/Physical Education</div>]
PPE - Physical Studies/Physical Education
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">PSC - Public Safety Communications</div>]
PSC - Public Safety Communications
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">PSC - Public Safety Training</div>]
PSC - Public Safety Training
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">PST - Public Safety Training</div>]
PST - Public Safety Training
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">PSY - Psychology</div>]
PSY - Psychology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">Public Speaking</div>]
Public Speaking
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">REA - Reading</div>]
REA - Reading
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">SBS - Social & Behavioral Sciences</div>]
SBS - Social & Behavioral Sciences
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">SCI - Science</div>]
SCI - Science
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">SCR - Computer Security</div>]
SCR - Computer Security
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">SGT - Surgical Technology</div>]
SGT - Surgical Technology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">SMT - Sports Management</div>]
SMT - Sports Management
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">SOC - Sociology</div>]
SOC - Sociology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">SPA - Spanish/Foreign Language</div>]
SPA - Spanish/Foreign Language
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">SPC - Speech Communication</div>]
SPC - Speech Communication
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">STT - Solar Thermal Technology</div>]
STT - Solar Thermal Technology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">SUS - Sustainability Studies</div>]
SUS - Sustainability Studies
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">SVL - Service Learning</div>]
SVL - Service Learning
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">TAM - Tooling and Machining</div>]
TAM - Tooling and Machining
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">TEK - Technology</div>]
TEK - Technology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">THE - Theatre</div>]
THE - Theatre
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">TOY - Toyota</div>]
TOY - Toyota
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">TRS - Transitional Studies</div>]
TRS - Transitional Studies
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">TVL - Travel And Tourism</div>]
TVL - Travel And Tourism
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">URS - Urban Studies</div>]
URS - Urban Studies
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">XRT - Radiologic Technology</div>]
XRT - Radiologic Technology