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Certificate Program

Department:Health Professions

School(s): Health Sciences & Physical Wellness

MCC Program Code: DA01
CIP Code: 51.0601
NYSED Code (BRI): 21311

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New, Transfer, or Re-admit students should contact Admissions at (585) 292-2200 or

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This one-year dental assisting program prepares graduates for entry-level employment within the dental industry. Students are taught to perform chairside assisting, related laboratory and office procedures and all delegable expanded functions permitted by the State Education Department. Instruction includes lectures/laboratory coursework, hands-on clinical experience and formal clinical internships.

Graduates will be eligible to take the New York Professional Dental Assisting exam (NYPDA) offered by the Dental Assisting National Board.

Recommended preparation includes high school chemistry and biology. Admission requirements include CPR for health professionals (adult, child and infant CPR - no on-line courses), a high school diploma or high school equivalency, and CPR certification. ESOL and Transitional Studies courses must be completed prior to matriculation.

Admission to this program is conditional upon meeting medical requirements, clearance of existing problem(s), and ability to meet technical standards (physical demands) of the program.

No student may progress to the next Dental Studies course level without successful completion of all courses in the previous level. A student who has been previously enrolled in Dental Studies and earned a grade below passing as described in the note below or a W in the course will not be eligible for admission/re-admission to Dental Studies, unless there are documented extenuating circumstances that warrant consideration. A student who believes that there is an extenuating circumstance should speak with an advisor in the Admissions Office or the Advisement Center. Re-admission of students after an unsuccessful attempt requires permission of the department and is always on a space-available basis. Such an appeal may be made only one time. Dental Studies is a high-demand, competitive program; therefore, re-admission to the Dental Studies program is rare. Any student who is re-admitted to the Dental Studies program and fails to achieve a passing grade (as outlined for that program) a second time is ineligible to continue in the Dental Studies program. Admission/re-admission is always on a space-available basis.

Currently enrolled MCC Dental Assisting students who apply for admission into the Dental Hygiene Program for the following year after completing the Dental Assisting program will be given quality points for the Dental Hygiene courses they complete by January 31, in addition to the quality points that are calculated using the same courses as regular admission into Hygiene. Admission using this pathway will be contingent on successfully completing the Dental Assisting program. In addition, those Dental Assisting students who wish to be considered for Dental Hygiene will need to meet the algebra, chemistry, and biology prerequisites by the application deadline of January 31. To practice in New York State, MCC Dental Assisting students must pass the New York Professional Dental Assisting exam offered by the Dental Assisting National Board.

Program Learning Outcomes
1) providing patient education
2) taking preliminary medical histories and vital signs to be reviewed by the dentist
3) place and remove rubber dams
4) select and prefit provisional crowns
5) select and prefit orthodontic bands
6) remove orthodontic arch wires and ligature ties
7) place and remove matrix bands
8) take impressions for study casts or diagnostic casts
9) remove periodontal dressings
10) remove sutures placed by a licensed dentist
11) take impressions for space maintainers, orthodontic appliances, and occlusal guards
12) remove temporary cement
13) apply topical anticariogenic agents to the teeth
14) apply desensitizing agents to the teeth
15) place and remove temporary separating devices
16) place orthodontic ligatures
17) take dental x-rays in accordance with Public Health Law
18) perform such other dental supportive services authorized by the dentist and consistent with New York State laws, rules and regulations.

Employment Potential
For related jobs: Career Coach
Occupational Resource:

Requirements for Program Entrance
Completed physical examination. High school graduate or high school equivalency diploma. CPR certification. The online option is for currently employed Dental Assistants with a sponsoring dentist.

Distribution RequirementsCredit Hours
FALL SEMESTER: 17-18 Credit Hours
DEN 111 Dental Radiography I2
DEN 112 Oral Anatomy and Physiology I2
DEN 113 Barrier Precautions and Infection Control Measures1
DEN 211 Dental Materials2
DAS 110 Preclinical Dental Assisting4
ENG 101 College Composition OR
ENG 200 Advanced Composition
DAS 115 Orientation to Dental Assisting Clinical Practice 1
Total 1
SPRING SEMESTER: 14 Credit Hours
DAS 120 Clinical Dental Assisting Practice4
DAS 122 Advanced Biomedical Sciences for Dental Assisting Practice 2
DEN 121 Dental Radiography II**2
DAS 227 Dental Specialties Procedures2
DEN 228 Dental Office Management and Business Practice1
SPC 144 Communication and Crisis3

* Required Biology courses include: BIO 133, 134, or 144, or their equivalent.
** Students will need to recruit patients to meet requirements.

NOTE TO STUDENTS: To remain in the program students must receive a grade of C or better in all courses prefixed DAS and a grade of C- in all courses prefixed DEN. Students who are considering entering the Dental Hygiene Program must receive a grade of C or better in courses prefixed DEN for the courses to transfer. Didactic and skill testing is necessary in DEN 111 and 211 for on-line students. Once entered into the hygiene program, students will be required to audit DEN 121.

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