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Walk for Water for South Sudan

Photo of child drinking from pipe Each year, the HGHRP raises funds to support Water for South Sudan through its Walk for Water and other special events. We are proud to support Salva Dut, founder of Water for South Sudan, who is also a member of the MCC Alumni Hall of Fame! To date, our efforts have raised nearly $73,000 in order to build fresh water wells in South Sudan. Wells were dedicated in MCC’s name in 2010, 2015, 2016 (in partnership with Avon Middle School), and 2019. In 2016, a third well was dedicated in the names of MCC and Avon Middle School. Thank you for walking with us and helping us change lives in South Sudan!

Support Water for South Sudan through the HGHRP. Send your gift to the Holocaust, Genocide, and Human Rights Project at MCC, Attn: Sherry Parks, 1000 East Henrietta Road, Rochester, NY 14623.  

Why take action and help change lives in South Sudan?
Photo of Sulva Dut Each day, hundreds of thousands of Sudanese walk for hours through desert to collect water. The water they drink is often contaminated with parasites and bacteria and, as a result, disease runs rampant throughout greater East Africa. Water for South Sudan drills wells that provide clean drinking water for the thirsty. This effort helps to prevent disease and stabilize villages … and lives.

According to Salva Dut, “The challenge is enormous to those of us who uphold the sanctity of human life Photo of villagers with Water for Sudan sign and the moral imperative to provide water to the thirsty. Fresh water is absolute requirement for a community's health. It is a stable developmental platform on which a community can build its future. It is, in short, life. 

Photo of Sulva Dut at a pump