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Driver Eligibility

Driving College-Owned Vehicles

In order for an MCC employee/student to be eligible to drive a college-owned vehicle or rent a vehicle from a reputable dealer, they must complete a “Driver Consent Form.”  Please forward completed forms by e-mail to or via interoffice mail (Eileen Scorgie, Administrative Services).

Once the Consent Form is received, a motor vehicle report will be run through the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles. This procedure may take up 1-2 days.

When the MVR is received, Risk Management reviews the report and attaches points to each violation and/or accident in accordance with MCC’s Driving Rating System (see attached).  Depending on the requestor’s (employee/student) violation(s) determines the person is either:

  1. Eligible (clear report – no points)
  2. Eligible on a “conditional” basis which means they have between 1-2 points
  3. Not Authorized to drive (more than 3 points)

The College policy holds points for 39 months from time of conviction.

The College is a member of the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles License Notification Program. This program provides the Risk Management office constant updates as to a driver’s violations and/or accidents. Department supervisor or designee is notified, in writing, as to the status on each new driver request and whenever there are changes.

Monroe Community College Association College-Owned Vehicles

The Monroe Community College Association has vans that can be used by the college community. In order to drive one of these vans, an individual must present a valid driver’s license to the Campus Center Operations office at which time they are required to complete a Driver Consent Form. Once the form is completed, Campus Center Operations office forwards form to Risk Management whereby the individual’s license is processed through the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles/License Events Identification (LENS). The Risk Management office will notify the Campus Center Operations office as to whether an individual is eligible to drive a college-owned vehicle.

Monroe Community College is a member of the License Events Identification Program (LENS). This program provides MCC with updated information on any individual's driving record as it occurs. Once an individual no longer requires driving for the college or leaves MCC, a Removal Form is completed by the Campus Center Operations office and the individual is “removed” from the college’s driving list.

For more specific information on the Monroe Community Association rental of vans, please refer to the Student Association Policy and Procedures Manual, Vehicle Use Policy.

College Vehicles

Only individuals approved by Administrative Services/Risk Management department are allowed to drive college-owned vehicles or rent vehicles in the name of Monroe Community College. See Driver Consent Form

When a student, faculty, or staff member leaves the college, a LENS Removal form (see LENS Removal Form) needs to be completed in order for the individual to be removed from the License Event Notification System from the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles.

Rental Vehicles

When it is necessary to rent a vehicle with College funds, only individuals with a valid driver's license shall drive rented vehicles; all terms of rental contract must be complied with; the individual must accept liability insurance offered by the rental car company and decline all other rental car company insurance. (Refer to Administrative Guidelines - Travel Procedures - Vehicle Travel/Rental)

Contract Bus Service

Adequate insurance coverage for personal injury and property damage must be provided by the bus company and specified in the bus company's contract. The coverage should be a minimum of $3,000,000 per occurrence. (Refer to Administrative Guidelines - Travel Procedures - Vehicle Travel/Rental - Bus Charter)

Regularly Scheduled Carriers

Regularly scheduled transportation service providers (e.g. Greyhound, Airlines, and Amtrak) may be utilized for the trip transportation.

Personal Vehicles

Personal vehicles should only be used on a voluntary basis; the owners/drivers must provide their own insurance coverage; all student participants choosing to ride in a private automobile do so voluntarily and at their own risk. The College shall not insure or accept liability for any damage, loss or injury resulting from the use of a participant's vehicle(s). The College does not provide comprehensive or collision (physical damage) insurance for an employee's personal vehicle driven on College business and the employee is responsible for primary liability insurance. The College Business Automobile Policy does not provide excess liability coverage for any employee, student, or volunteer operating their personal vehicles for the use of any activity authorized by the College. (Refer to Administrative Guidelines - Travel Procedures - Vehicle Travel/Rental - Use of Personal Car)

NOTE: For some College employees (e.g. Admissions Counselors) using his/her personal vehicle for College business, proof of insurance is required and a Driver Consent Form needs to be completed and forwarded to the Risk Management office whereby the license will be processed through the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles.