SUNY General Education Requirements

MCC students who plan to transfer and complete a baccalaureate degree at a SUNY four-year campus are responsible for meeting SUNY General Education Requirements (SUNY-GER). Students must complete the 30 credit SUNY-GER from at least seven (7) of the Knowledge and Skills areas below and must include Basic Communications and Mathematics.

Knowledge and Skill areas:

  • Mathematics (required)
  • Natural Sciences
  • Social Sciences
  • American History
  • Western Civilization
  • Other World Civilizations
  • Humanities
  • The Arts
  • Foreign Language
  • Basic Communication (required)

Students who know where they wish to transfer within SUNY should seek advisement on the best set of courses to take as many individual SUNY campuses also have local general education requirements which could significantly impact optimal course selection. In general, if you earn a grade of C or higher in a SUNY-GER course, you will have satisfied the general education component for that course at every SUNY campus.

Some requirements may be met based upon high school course work such as, AP, IB, CLEP, DANTES or ACTFL exams, or prior college credits. Students who have completed 3 years of sequential Regents level foreign language in high school with 85% or above on the Regents exams may qualify for a waiver in the foreign language knowledge and skill area. If you qualify for a foreign language waiver you should contact the MCC Admissions Office.

Completion of the SUNY General Education Course Plan is not a requirement to graduate from MCC. However, many SUNY four-year institutions expect students to complete the entire SUNY-GER (30 credits) as part of their AA or AS degree program prior to transfer.

Courses meeting SUNY General Education requirements are identified in the catalog course descriptions. Using the grid on the back of this form, circle courses you have completed and maintain this document as a record of requirements that have been fulfilled.

Use the MCC SUNY General Education Course Plan to monitor your progress towards completing these requirements.