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“I am a hard worker, I love learning and I love people—these are the characteristics that I believe will make me a great nurse.”
- Catherine Ludlow ‘18, Wolk Faces of the Future Scholarship Recipient 

In most cases, despite MCC’s relatively low tuition, students need additional financial support to attend college. They also need help overcoming the unforeseen circumstances that occur in daily life, such as a lack of transportation, food or childcare, which may negatively impact their ability to succeed at college.

MCC is able to plan for and effectively respond to students’ growing need for assistance, largely because of the MCC Foundation’s Every Bright Future Needs a Strong Foundation campaign and private philanthropic support. The number of student scholarship applications received annually by the MCC Foundation has doubled, surpassing 3,300 applications received in one academic year alone. In the past, we were able to respond to only a fraction of those applicants. In the future, with your support, we will be able to respond to thousands more.

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