Naming a Theatre Seat

Celebrate our VaPA students and the new MCC Theatre!

Photo of the MCC theater seats

Educating future communication and performing arts professionals requires facilities and technology that reflect real-life workplaces. MCC’s newly renovated theatre offers an opportunity for alumni, faculty, friends and students to support the Visual and Performing Arts Department (VaPA) by purchasing a personalized nameplate for one of the new theatre seats. In addition to community members seeing your name or your group’s name on a seat, your gift will help the MCC Foundation raise funds, on behalf of VaPA, to update essential technology and equipment in campus art and production studios and computer labs, as well as the Mercer Art Gallery. Personalizing a theatre seat now celebrates both the new theatre and the success of future MCC students.

Name a seat in the new MCC Theatre!

The MCC Foundation is presenting two simple and convenient options for naming your seat in the fabulous new Theatre. Use payroll deduction giving to make your pledge today!

  • Lower level seats: $10.42 per pay period ($10.42 x 48 pay periods = $500)
  • Upper level seats: $7.30 per pay period ($7.30 x 48 pay periods = $350)
  • Annual, semi-annual and quarterly billing is available for those who do not wish to use payroll deduction.

In recognition of your support, a plaque bearing your name, or the name of someone you choose to honor or memorialize, will adorn one of the theatre’s seats for a minimum of 15 years.

Purchase a Theater Seat by Credit Card
Set up Employee Payroll Deduction
Make a Pledge

Thank you for your generous support

Please provide the requested information so we can process your donation. If you have any questions, please feel free to call the MCC Foundation at (585) 685-6020.

Thank You to Current Seat Holders

Dr. & Mrs. Jeffrey P. Bartkovich
Lori B. Bartkovich ‘00
John & Jacqueline Bartolotta
G. Christopher Belle-Isle '68
Frances Jane Bovee
Ebony Caldwell
Michael Carroll
Ms. Antonia Custodio '99
Patricia Dano '89
Richard & Sheila Degus
Katherine P. Douglas
Charlotte '81 & Dover Downing
Dr. Lawrence and Paula Dugan
Mrs. Jeanne Eckl
Larry '69 & Marcia Faulkner
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony J. Felicetti
Thomas & Kate Flynn
Bev French Taylor
Friends of Diane Fitton
Gary C. Graziano
The Green Family
Travis T. Green
Edward Grissing Jr.
Elizabeth A. Gunter '04
Ms. Peggy Harvey-Lee
Lloyd A. Holmes
Kress-Davis Family
Dr. Barbara & John Lovenheim
Larry Mandelker

Kimberly McKinsey-Mabry '95
Frank & Alrun Milligan
Ramona C. Moore
Karen L. Morris Esq.
Diane Navarro
Mr. Gregory C. Nickason
John Nyerges
Jodi Oriel '93
Mr. Stephen T. Palmer '97
John Perrone '70
Elizabeth Ripton
Nathan & Susan Robfogel
Lauren and Mark Sample
Christyn Sanagursky
Mr. Andrew D. Sharp '04
Diane L. Shoger & Timothy M. Coughlin
Hezekiah N. Simmons
Jaime Smith
Dr. Peter A Spina
Ms. Rita T. Straubhaar
Ms. Janet M. Waasdorp '75
Dr. Andrea C. Wade
Rochelle Watson
Peggy Weston Byrd & Ralph Byrd
Dixie D. Whitney
Dr. Kimberley D. Willis '91
Eileen M. Wirley
Dr. Alice Holloway Young
James & Dolores Ziobro
Anonymous (2)