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01/30/2009 - Attention! TCC Conversation Room ChangeKaren Coffey
01/30/2009 - Balloting for the Academic Dean at DamonBonnie Connell
01/30/2009 - ETS-CNS Security NewsletterDonna Pogroszewski
01/30/2009 - Group of Six Exhibition at Mercer Gallery Includes Artist Reception, Gallery TalksJanet Ekis
Attachment Icon01/30/2009 - Labyrinth Walking - open hoursJanet Dalke
01/30/2009 - New York Health Information Management Association's Annual Educators ForumSharon Insero
01/30/2009 - Public Safety Transition to Peace Officer StatusLee Struble
01/30/2009 - Workshops Initiated towards the Needs of StudentsVivian Quimbaya-Winship
Attachment Icon01/29/2009 - Brighton Campus Student Government Association Senate Meeting MinutesDonna Brennan
Attachment Icon01/29/2009 - Do you know students interested in transferring to a SUNY college or university?Christian Kull
01/29/2009 - January Crime Prevention TipLee Struble
01/29/2009 - Rebecca Goes to WashingtonJanet Ekis
Attachment Icon01/29/2009 - Reflections Restaurant will open next Tuesday, February 3rd!!Diane Cheasty
01/29/2009 - Spread the news: Deadline for Aid for Part-Time Study (APTS) Grant 2008-2009Ramon L. Rodriguez
Attachment Icon01/28/2009 - 2008 Form W-2Judy Bertram
01/28/2009 - A Special Writing Workshop for MCC Student Survivors of Sexual AssaultMaria Brandt
01/28/2009 - Annual Fire Safety InspectionMartin Gilmore
01/28/2009 - Cronin, Brown named Athletes of the WeekTom Garigen
Attachment Icon01/28/2009 - Filmmaker Jason Pollock at DCC!Christine Plumeri and Bethany Gizzi
01/28/2009 - Financial FAQs: Grant FundsHeze Simmons and Cynthia Cooper
01/28/2009 - Former Mayor William Johnson at DCCRick Sadwick
01/28/2009 - Join the Diversity Council, Direction 1Judi Salsburg Taylor
01/28/2009 - Let your student know: Late start classes and Bookstore creditsRamon L. Rodriguez
01/28/2009 - MCC Blood DriveDonna Brennan
01/28/2009 - MCC Leadership Academy Participants Begin Project PhaseValarie Avalone
01/28/2009 - The Sixth Act and The Black Student Union Present "African-American Theatre: An Academic Workshop"Maria Brandt
01/28/2009 - Work Experience Program adviser featured in column, videoHency Yuen-Eng
01/27/2009 - Bob King Represents MCC, GROW Monroe at NOFA-NY ConferenceRosanna Condello
01/27/2009 - Brighton Room Menu for week of January 26thTony Struzik, Dining Services Manager
01/27/2009 - Coffey Presents Workshop at Victor Central SchoolJanet Ekis
01/27/2009 - Excellus Presentation - Know Your NumbersHuman Resources Team
Attachment Icon01/27/2009 - Faculty Senate December MinutesSandy Wynne
01/27/2009 - Having Trouble Submitting to the Daily Tribune? Clear Your Cache!Janet Ekis
01/27/2009 - Help Spread the Word: Student Actors Wanted for MCC TV CommercialConnie Herrera
01/27/2009 - January 2009 NISOD Webinar Series UpdateLynn Rivers
Attachment Icon01/27/2009 - Learning Center Electronic Referral Process in Banner Self-ServeAmy Wright
01/27/2009 - Passing of Angelo D'OrtonaDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President
01/27/2009 - Paul DesOrmeaux publishes articleTina Morrill
Attachment Icon01/26/2009 - Brighton Campus Student Government Association Senate Meeting AgendaDonna Brennan
Attachment Icon01/26/2009 - Co-curricular Advisors WantedShirley Batistta-Provost
Attachment Icon01/26/2009 - Curriculum Approvals for Fall 2008Stuart Blacklaw
01/26/2009 - FREE College-Wide Tutoring Available!Patricia Kennedy, Director
01/26/2009 - Indoor Soccer Interest MeetingJeff Parrinello
01/26/2009 - Mathematics Department Offers the February Puzzler of the MonthKim Martello
01/26/2009 - Reduce Stress, Increase Energy Level through MassageMary Ellen Hill
Attachment Icon01/26/2009 - SAVE THE DATE for the 27th Annual Student Awards BanquetBetty Stewart
Attachment Icon01/26/2009 - Sexual Harassment Training SeminarDr. Susan Baker
01/26/2009 - Spring open swim hoursTom Garigen
01/26/2009 - TCC's First Workshop in Conversation Series for '09-Adjuncts Welcome!Karen Coffey
01/26/2009 - Welcome Week EventsCampus Association for Student Activities
Attachment Icon01/23/2009 - 2009 Innovation of the Year AwardDr. Susan M. Salvador
01/23/2009 - Farewell to Beverly Widman of Purchasing (A Reminder!)Patrick Bates
01/23/2009 - Last Start Class- Job Search Strategies (CDL 115-001)Pam Miller
01/23/2009 - Leadership Academy Enjoys Fireside Chat with President TyreeValarie Avalone
01/23/2009 - Students celebrating the beginning of a new semester with "Activity Day"Shirley Batistta-Provost
01/23/2009 - Tips and Tools for Successful Event Planning at MCCJulianna Frisch
01/22/2009 - Burns, McNamara named Athletes of the WeekTom Garigen
Attachment Icon01/22/2009 - Classroom SupportDr. Susan M. Salvador
01/22/2009 - Ilene Benz Presents to Zonta Club of RochesterRosanna Condello
01/22/2009 - Let everybody know - $1 Million in ScholarshipsRamon L. Rodriguez
01/22/2009 - MCC Hosts New York Association of DECA CompetitionRosanna Condello
01/21/2009 - AmeriCorps members featured on TV newsMarilyn Rosché
Attachment Icon01/21/2009 - Get the Facts about MCCHency Yuen-Eng
01/21/2009 - It's a bird! It's a plane! It's an exhibit of superheroes by Tom Galambos!Kathleen Farrell
01/21/2009 - Spring 2009 Final Exam RequestsErvina Malin
01/21/2009 - The Search for Dean of Academic Services, Damon City Campus: An UpdateBonnie Connell and Mike McDonough
01/21/2009 - Tribal Weddings: A case of Pastoral Nomads of IranShahin Monshipour
01/20/2009 - Administrative Services Night Shift Employees Build Helicopters!!Heze Simmons, Vice President
01/20/2009 - CANCELLED - Brighton Campus Student Government Association Senate MeetingDonna Brennan
01/20/2009 - Classroom FacilitiesBob Cunningham
01/20/2009 - Live Coverage of Presidential Inauguration Festivities on the Brighton CampusJodi Oriel
01/20/2009 - Monroe Community College 4 mile RaceJeff Parrinello
01/20/2009 - Presidential Inauguration BroadcastSteve Weider
Attachment Icon01/16/2009 - Faculty Senate January AgendaSandy Wynne
01/16/2009 - Fitness Center HoursDouglas Henneberg
01/16/2009 - Planned Intermittent Phone OutageJames Clement
01/16/2009 - Step Aerobics ClassLisa Curatalo
01/16/2009 - Why You Haven’t Heard From Me … You Are Lucky!Deborah Benjamin
01/15/2009 - Former MCC Star Redding Signs with New York MetsTom Garigen
01/15/2009 - January 2009 NISOD Webinar SeriesValarie Avalone
01/15/2009 - New Date: Lunch with the PresidentNancy A. Price
01/15/2009 - Presidential Inauguration Festivities Televised at Damon City CampusRick Sadwick
01/14/2009 - AmeriCorps Director Marilyn Rosche in TV InterviewHency Yuen-Eng
01/14/2009 - Financial FAQ: MCC Association, MCC Foundation and College FundsHeze Simmons and Cynthia Cooper
Attachment Icon01/14/2009 - Foundation Activity Report - October to November 2008Diane Shoger
01/14/2009 - Lunch with the PresidentNancy A. Price
01/14/2009 - New Class Roster Distribution ProcessGinger Toth
01/13/2009 - Change to Course Information SheetsDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President
01/13/2009 - Charles V. Clarke, Father of Charlie R. ClarkeJanet J. Glocker, Ph.D., Vice President
01/13/2009 - Dean Dianna Phillips Promotes MCC, Industry in TV News ProgramHency Yuen-Eng
01/13/2009 - Farewell to Beverly Widman of PurchasingPatrick Bates
01/13/2009 - MCC Basketball to Host Rival Genesee TuesdayTom Garigen
01/13/2009 - New Excellus ID CardsAlberta G. Lee
01/13/2009 - Parnell, Belin named Athletes of the WeekTom Garigen
01/13/2009 - Wishing Barbara Smithgall Good Luck!Andrew W. Freeman
01/12/2009 - 292-BABY executive director featuredHency Yuen-Eng
01/12/2009 - New center for active learning at DCC holds open houseHency Yuen-Eng
01/12/2009 - Resolve to become a better speaker in 2009Diane Navarro
01/12/2009 - Telephone Services and SLN Planned InterruptionDonna Pogroszewski
01/09/2009 - Search Committee Orientation SessionsAlberta G. Lee
01/08/2009 - Agricultural Update - December 2008 IssueBob King, Ph.D.
01/08/2009 - Electronic Learning Center Referral TrainingAmy Wright
01/08/2009 - Massage Therapy Clinic to Open Jan 26Mary Ellen Hill
01/07/2009 - Chancellor's Awards for Excellence in Classified Service Deadline ApproachingValarie Avalone
01/07/2009 - Financial FAQ: Operating and Capital FundsHeze Simmons and Cynthia Cooper
01/07/2009 - Friday's TCC Workshop ReminderKaren Coffey
Attachment Icon01/07/2009 - Ren Square Public Hearing Set for ThursdayCynthia Cooper
Attachment Icon01/06/2009 - Brighton-Pittsford Post Profiles Larry TyreeRosanna Condello
01/06/2009 - Digital Rochester, Greater Rochester Enterprise and MCC's Office of Workforce Development Host Networking Event TodayCharles Caples
01/06/2009 - New York Times Delivered to your MailboxIris Mand
Attachment Icon01/06/2009 - Nursing Career Fair This Thursday!Anne Hughes
Attachment Icon01/06/2009 - Technology Week is Next Week!Marie Gibson
01/06/2009 - Winter Weather Walking Safety ReminderMartin Gilmore
01/05/2009 - Attention Adjuncts!Karen Coffey
01/05/2009 - Become a Mentor with the "Doorway to Success" Initiative at MCCEdwin Nguti
01/05/2009 - Flags at Half-Staff TodayLee Struble
Attachment Icon01/05/2009 - Koch Gift Highlighted by Democrat and ChronicleRosanna Condello
01/05/2009 - Meeting the Higher Education Act’s Requirement for Distance Learning Student AuthenticationPeggy VanKirk
01/05/2009 - Spring Bookstore Credits: Encourage Students to Use Credits by Feb 13Ramon L. Rodriguez
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