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Each student who desires entry into the music performance major at MCC should email your intent to enroll in classes to the faculty listed below. This will begin the process of assessing your skills for appropriate placement into the correct classes. Students enrolled in this program will be required to perform instrumentally or vocally and are required to take off-campus lessons.

The Music Performance program follows a strategic sequence of coursework that begins only in the fall, as courses are not repeated between the fall and spring semesters.

Auditions are required for scholarship consideration, as two major scholarships are available for incoming first-year music majors. These scholarships are to be awarded after the completion of each semester and are awarded based on performance ability and grade point average. Please email one of the music professors listed below if you are interested in applying.

Auditions must be received by August 10. The program begins only in the fall, therefore spring entries into the program would require extra semesters to complete.

Live auditions will be held most Mondays during the college's academic year, from September - December and February - May, from 4 - 5:30 PM.  Please call the faculty listed below to schedule a time. After Memorial Day only video auditions will be accepted.

Video auditions are accepted throughout the year and should include the following criteria:


  • Submit video files (live and unedited) of two contrasting pieces from the standard repertoire (no pop or original tunes).
  • State your name, title of the piece, and composer at the beginning of each video file.
  • High quality video accepted, cell phone video quality is preferred.
  • One to two-minute excerpts of each piece is acceptable.


  • Vocalists must be accompanied.


  • Percussionist must play one snare drum exercise. You must also show at least two of the following four different grooves on drum set: 1) swing, 2) funk, 3) shuffle, and 4) Latin. If you play marimba, please submit a short marimba piece as well.
  • Guitarist must play acoustic or undistorted electric.

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