College Now Pathways Packages

MCC is the lead guided pathways college within the SUNY system.  Guided pathways colleges have redesigned their policies, programs, and services to support student success in four major practice areas:

  1. mapping pathways to student end goals;
  2. helping students choose and enter a program pathway;
  3. keeping students on path;
  4. ensuring that students are learning.

Since fall 2016, MCC degree pathways have been clearly defined for all incoming matriculated students. Each degree pathway is housed in an academic home or “School.” The seven MCC schools are:

The Schools at Monroe Community College

Shields for School of Applied Sciences & Technologies and School of Arts & Humanities
Shields for School of Business & Entrepreneurial Studies, School of Community Engagement & Development, and School of Health Sciences & Physical Wellness
Shields for School of Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) and School of Social Sciences & Global Studies

Packages and Courses

One of the major tenets of the guided pathways philosophy is to help students to make informed decisions about which career path they want to choose so they do not spend time, money, and effort taking courses that will not count toward a degree.  MCC is dedicated to helping high school students prepare to make this choice.  Please contact the College Now office to request career development services for your students so that they can confidently choose one of the College Now packages. Courses within the Schools are offered; some satisfy an AAS degree, an AS degree, an AA degree, or a certificate. 

Please note: All active MCC courses are eligible to be offered at a high school. However, there are three main criteria that high schools must meet in order to offer them at their high school:

  1. High school courses must be modified to meet MCC course learning outcomes and expectations.  If this is not done prior to the start of a term, the course cannot be offered that term. MCC Faculty Liaisons will make the determination if the courses are ready to be offered. The College Now office will notify schools when appropriate modifications cannot be made and courses cannot be offered. Schools should not promote courses to students and parents that have not been officially “cleared” by MCC to be offered a specific term.
  2. High school instructors must meet department teaching criteria; more specifically, teachers must meet adjunct teaching qualifications with few exceptions. The College Now office will notify schools whether or not a teacher has been approved by MCC departments to teach and a rationale will be given for any non-approval.
  3. MCC Faculty Liaisons must be identified for sections to run at all high schools. Preference will be given to the courses identified in the pathways below.

The first point of contact for all inquiries is the College Now office.

Select from the banners below to view the College Now Schools packages that can be offered to high school students (subject to changes and updates).

School of Applied Sciences & Technologies
School of Health Sciences & Physical Wellness
School of Arts & Humanities
School of Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM)
School of Business & Entrepreneurial Studies
School of Social Sciences & Global Studies
School of Community Engagement & Development
General Education Pathway

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!

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