Internships and Co-ops

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Whether your goal is to prepare for a first or second career, it is critical that you enhance three areas simultaneously to maximize your future career opportunities;

  • Continue your education/training
  • Increase your networking/contacts
  • Improve your interpersonal and work-ready skills.

Experiential Learning can help you strengthen and support these three areas.

Get the job you want! Three Keys

  • Your credentials/training make you eligible for various job applicant pools.
  • Your networking/contacts contribute to whether you are actually chosen for an interview. 
  • Finally, your demonstrated work-ready and interpersonal skills, which are often subjectively critiqued in a short window of time, determine whether you win the job over other qualified candidates!


Internships and Co-ops

Increasingly, employers value job candidates who can demonstrate strong interpersonal and work-ready skills in addition to the credentials they seek. Internships and co-ops help foster these.

By taking advantage of internship and co-op opportunities while you are at MCC and developing a Career Action Plan, you will maximize your future employment opportunities.


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