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Co-ops involve work experience that directly supports a class seminar.  These opportunities can be paid or unpaid and require 180 supervised work hours.  Academic programs that require Co-op participation: 

Accounting A.A.S.

BUS 275

Automotive Technology A.A.S.

ATP 140, ATP 141, ATP 142, ATP 143, ATP 144, ATP 145

Computer Information Systems A.A.S.

BUS 275

Entrepreneurial and Applied Business Studies A.A.S. 

BUS 275

Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning - HVAC A.A.S.

HVA 271

Hospitality A.A.S.

CE 260

Office Technology A.A.S.

CE 270 *Available but not required

Sport Management A.S.

SMT 201

If you are not in one of these programs and would like to pursue an applied learning opportunity consider EBL 101.

Co-op Employers Guide