Role of the Employer

A student is training for a career under the supervision of a seasoned employee who will work directly with the student on a daily basis. Obviously, the employer's role is significant in the success of a co-op.

Two forms have to be completed with the assistance of the employer at the beginning of a co-op.

  1. Student Employment Info Sheet
  2. Objectives for the intern need to be identified (after conversation between the student and the employer).
    • A learning objective is a statement naming a task to be accomplished, for example, "to develop a flow chart," "to increase effectiveness on the job," "to improve communication skills," "to change behavior in dealing with people," "to improve in attitude or motivation."
    • Learning objectives should be mutually developed and agreed upon by you, the college supervisor (seminar instructor), and the student.

The student is responsible for submitting both forms to his co-op seminar instructor within the first week of the lecture class.

At the end of the semester, the student will receive a grade and approximately 40-50% of the student's final grade is based on the Employer's evaluation of the student's actual job performance.