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Internship Opportunities

While MCC does not offer formal credit earning internships apart from the Disney College Program and co-ops required for specific academic programs (Accounting, Hospitality, Automotive, etc.), we do offer other internship like options. These allow students to gain experience and exposure to a career field even when their academic program does not include a co-op or internship. 

Options to gain experience and exposure to a career field include part and full-time employment, Experiential Based Learning (EBL 101), volunteering, and job shadowing, among others. Career and Veteran Services will work with you to assist you in researching and identifying the best option(s) for you. Please schedule an appointment if you have identified an opportunity that requires college credit or you are interested in the potential of earning credit for a future work experience.


  • ESL/MCC Scholars Internship Program
    Earn and learn at ESL with paid work experience and a $2,000 scholarship.
    Application for Spring 2020 program will open in September 2019 
  • Disney College Program
    Application period for the Fall 2020 Program: 
    January 9, 2020 - March 13, 2020
    Disney College Program Information 


Other Potential Opportunities

Online Search Tools for Volunteer Opportunities

Job Listings

Please check back often for updates.

Date Listed Company Position/Details Deadline
1/21/2020 Villa of Hope Life Skill Instructor 2/21/2020
1/17/2020 Excellus BCBS Spring Intern, Executive Administrative Services  2/17/2020
1/9/2020 Ferrel's Garage Automotive Repair Tech. 2/9/2020
12/10/2019 Dixon Schwabl IT Intern 1/15/2019
12/5/2019 EFPR Group IT Intern 1/15/2019
11/22/2019 Pathfinder Engineers Administrative Assistant - Position Fillled 12/22/2019
11/19/2019 CyFlare Security Analyst 12/19/2019
11/19/2019 Z-Axis Electronics Technician 12/19/2019
11/18/2019 YMCA Lifeguard 12/18/2019
11/13/2019 Magnatag Graphics Technology Production Associate 12/13/2019
11/5/2019 C&S Companies Inspector / Sr. Inspector 12/5/2019
11/5/2019 ProNexus Accounts Payable Associate 12/5/2019


Please visit the Office of Career Services (3-108) at the Brighton Campus or call (585) 292-2248 to schedule an appointment to discuss these opportunities.

If you are already gaining experience in a field related to your academic program and would like recognition for such an experience, please contact us to discuss your options