Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started

The Strategic Resource Development & Grant Management Office Staff can assist you with project development and the grant application process. Call (585) 685-6012 for assistance or to schedule a meeting with a staff member.

Learn about the MCC grant application and management process.

What does this grant term mean

Read common Definition of Terms listed in grant applications.

When can I apply for an Internal Grant and where do I obtain an application

Monroe Community College's Internal Grant Application process usually occurs in the fall. An article in the MCC Tribune announces the dates of the competition and the online application and review processes. Visit our Internal Funding page for more information on the process.

Where can I learn about grant sources and types of funding available

Read the Guidelines for internal grant funding.

The Funding Sources page lists commonly-used external funding sources. If you have a specific grant idea or have viewed a request for proposal (RFP) of an agency, the Grants office staff can help determine whether your project is suitable for the funding source.

What if I need help with an application or proposal

Since grant proposals are submitted by the Grants office, work with the Grants Office early in the process to refine your proposal and to meet all funder requirements. Expert staff will assist you on all aspects of your grant application to increase funding potential. 

Call (585) 685-6012 for a quick answer by phone, or to schedule an appointment to discuss your idea and answer your questions.

Does my project need College approval

All project must be approved by the College prior to development and submission. The Grants office facilitates the approval process. An MCC Intent to Submit Form is required.

How much time should I allow for proposal development

Grant project development may take one month, six months, one year, or even longer, depending on the scope of the project and the funding agency's requirements. Consider that you will be collecting data, establishing partnerships, identifying personnel, constructing budgets, and developing metrics during your project design. To create a competitive proposal, each element requires your focused time.

How do I develop a budget

Constructing a budget requires precise planning.  Contact the Grants office for assistance early in your project development.

What if my project is awarded a grant

A grant is a contract, not a gift.  If awarded, the Grants office will schedule a kick-off meeting to discuss all aspects of the funder's requirements, project implementation, budget monitoring, and post-award management and reporting.