Patrol Rifle Instructor Course

Program Announcement

The Monroe County Public Safety Training Facility (PSTF), in partnership with the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, will be holding a Patrol Rifle Instructor Course. This course is designed to train and prepare the firearms instructor to be a patrol rifle instructor. Students will design a tactical course of fire, develop a lesson plan and instruct fellow students through their designed course.

This is Not a shooting course, nor is it designed to teach participants how to shoot. Furthermore, this is not a familiarization course. Students are expected to have basic knowledge of patrol rifles and be able to safely and accurately use them. Students must possess the ability to make accurate rifle sight adjustments, field strip, reassemble, load and unload their respective rifles, prior to arrival. Students must be physically capable of quickly and safely assuming the standing, kneeling, sitting, and prone positions, maintaining these positions for a period of time, and safely recovering from them without assistance.

Please Note:  This course will be held at the PSTF Rush Range, 492 Stonybrook Road, Rush, NY 14543.

Successful completion of this course will result in 1.5 college credits from Monroe Community College.

Session Dates

  • July 15 thru 17, 2024, 8:30am to 4:30pm


  • NYS DCJS Firearms Instructor Certification
  • Patrol Rifle Operator Course

Required Attire and/or Equipment


  • Tactical uniform, or
  • BDU and Polo shirt
  • Ball cap / Hat
  • Ear protection
  • Patrol vest
  • Rain gear
  • Water


  • AR-style rifle with tactical sling and light
  • 3 rifle magazines
  • 400 rounds practice rifle ammunition
  • 100 rounds service rifle ammunition
  • Duty pistol with duty holster
  • 3 pistol magazines
  • 100 rounds duty pistol ammunition
  • Wrap-around style protective glasses or goggles (No Exceptions)

Suggested gear:

  • Camel Back or equivalent
  • Sight adjustment tool
  • Energy bar or snacks
  • Rain pants and jacket
  • Duty belt
  • AR magazine holster
  • Knee pads

Instructional Areas

  • Developing courses of fire
  • Zero procedures to include “How to zero a pool gun”
  • Distance shooting
  • Close-quarters shooting
  • Safety considerations when conducting “live fire” shooting on the move courses
  • Techniques and tactics associated with the AR-style rifle
  • Low-light safety considerations
  • Safety considerations in using steel targets
  • Transition drills
  • Reloading under stress “standards drill

Graduation Requirements

  • 90% attendance (policy set by Monroe Community College)
  • Minimum 75% score on course standards

Course Tuition and Fees

  • Tuition: $306.00 (per person)
  • Estimated Student Fees: $111.75 (Student fees may vary each semester)
  • Agencies will be billed directly
  • It is Not necessary to send a check or voucher prior to class. Students will be billed at the completion of the course.
  • Note: Monroe Community College reserves the right to revise tuition and fees as necessary


Please complete the online Law Enforcement Program Course Reservation Form no later than June 24, 2024. Submitting a reservation form does not guarantee admittance to a course. Confirmation notices will be emailed approximately 2 weeks prior to the class. Please remember to check your junk/spam folder.

To avoid double tuition billing, a Certificate of Residence is required from students who reside outside of Monroe County.