Emergency Medical Technician Course Descriptions

EMS110 - Emergency Medical Technician

This course is designed to provide rescuers with the emergency medical knowledge and skills necessary to care for the sick and injured in a pre hospital setting. Topics include the recognition and treatment of respiratory and circulatory emergencies, trauma, medical emergencies, environmental in- juries, emergency childbirth, and psychological emergencies. Students successfully completing this course are eligible to take the New York State certification exam for emergency medical technicians. Forty-six instruction hours, fifty- seven laboratory hours.

EMS118 - EMT-Basic Core Review

This program is designed for NYS Certified EMTs to meet their recertification needs in reviewing the core material of the EMT Basic Curriculum. Material is presented in areas including: Airway,Patient Assessment, Medical Emergencies, Behavioral Problems, Trauma, Obstetrics, Pediatrics, and Contemporary Issues in EMS. This course meets NYS requirements for 24 hours of core reviews described in the NYS COH EMS Recertification through Continuing Education.

EMS119 - EMT-Recertification

This course is for individuals who are certified as emergency medical technicians and need recertification and updating for the purpose of maintaining their competency in providing emergency medical care. The course presents students with both a review and update of the topics covered in the Emergency Medical Technician course (EMS 110). Recent changes in the prehospital emergency medical care field are emphasized. Twenty-five instruction hours, twenty-one laboratory hours.