Certified First Responder Course Descriptions

EMS101 - EMS First Responder

This course is for non-ambulance professional rescuers who are first to arrive at an emergency medical scene to provide prehospital care. Topics covered are patient assessment, CPR review, airway, shock, wound management, full body immobilization, and initial treatment for other medical emergencies. Students successfully completing this course are eligible for New York State Department of Health Certified First Responder certification. Twenty-four instruction hours, nineteen laboratory hours.

EMS109 - EMS First Responder Recert

This course is for students who wish to update their knowledge and skills learned in EMS 101. In addition to assessment and treatment updates, the students will prepare for recertification as a New York State Certified First Responder by visiting topics of patient assessment, airway management, circulatory emergencies, trauma, and selected medical emergencies. Thirteen instruction hours, two laboratory hours. Pre and/or co requisite: EMS 101 or equivalent.