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EMT Refresher - On the Internet

The Fall of 1997 marked another first for the Public Safety Training Facility. We developed the first EMT Refresher to be approved by the Bureau of EMS - NY State Department of Health to be delivered on the Internet.

The course, EMS119-EMT Recertification, is designed to allow EMTs to work at their own pace, at a place and time convenient to them. The only on-campus attendance is for the optional challenge written and practical skill exam, the practical skill portion of the class, and State Certification exams. All the rest of the work is done through the Internet either on your own computer, a computer in an Electronic Learning Center at a SUNY College Campus (including both MCC Campuses), or any computer on the Internet with Netscape Navigator, Microsoft Internet Explorer, or AOL capabilities.

There are 14 on-line modules. A new module is introduced every week beginning the first week of the semester, and you have two weeks to complete the module. Through Internet "surfing", on-line discussions, case reviews,and projects, students complete all the didactic objectives on their own time. Assignments are delivered to the instructor on completion of each module. Of course, if you pre-test, you can be excused from completing those modules you already demonstrate a mastery in.

The practical work is scheduled over one weekend with a CPR check off on the Sunday morning, and the final Practical Skill Exam scheduled for the afternoon. If this weekend schedule is not good for you, arrangements can be made to make up any skill needed in one of our other refresher programs, or through the instructor.

The State Written Certification exam is held on our Campus. Again, arrangements can be made for you to take the written at any of the Regional Test Sites in NY on the scheduled date or a later date. There is also a possibility that the proposed computer test center method for testing may be in place in the Fall of 1998, making written certification testing available any day Monday through Saturday.

The NY State Department of Health pays for the tuition for this program for volunteer members or municipal employees of approved EMS agencies (agencies participating the PCR reporting system) who complete the re-certification process. Students receive two college credits from Monroe Community College on successful completion of the program.

To register, contact Nicole Amendolare, Emergency Medical Services Program Manager for the Public Safety Training Facility, at (585) 753-3712 or

We are proud to deliver this endeavor in commitment to our mission -- striving to meet the diverse and dynamic needs of our students and the agencies they represent.