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Case: Holiday Heart Syndrome

Image of ekg

Chief Complaint:

The patient is an 23yo male found in the care of BLS. He is complaining of palpatations.

His VS are: P-68 and irreg., BP- 120/82, Resp-20 and normal Skin color- pink, Pulse Saturation 98% on room air.

The past history is devoid of any significant findings. He has a head ache from a party last night. He says he had > 6 alcoholic beverages at the party.

Physical Exam:

HEENT: EYES: = and reactive to light, Ears: unremarkable Nose: unremarkable Throat: no JVD

Chest: Clear to auscultation bilaterally

ABD: Soft, nontender

EXTREM: = pulses, mae well, no edema

Based on the available data, Choose the correct items: (there are 2 correct answers)