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Psychology Learning Center

This website is your resource to information pertaining to PSY-101 at MCC


 COURSE INFORMATION (Syllabus) for PSY 101 

The PSY 101 Study Guide

PSY 101 Grade Scale

Coronavirus COVID-19 and PSY-101: Classes at MCC are moving online. The Psychology Learning Center is currently open through Tuesday (the Unit 3 C test deadline). After that we will run tests through the PSY-101 Testing Center "classroom" on Blackboard (listed in your "My Classes" - the same login you have previously used for A and C tests). However, there will only be one test per unit, and it will follow the schedule below:

Unit 4: 3/25 - 3/29
Unit 5: 4/15 - 4/19
Unit 6: 4/29 - 5/03
Unit 7: 5/13 - 5/17

Please log into MyMCC and find your PSY-101 class section and wait for updates concerning the teaching of the course. Allow your professor some time to adjust to the new situation. The tests, however, are ready to go; they are timed (30-minutes), and you may begin anytime during the period of their availability (until 11:59pm of the closing date).

The Psychology Learning Center is located in Room 11-110 at Brighton (inside the Electronic Learning Center: see the slideshow on the "location and hours" page), and inside the Learning Commons at the Downtown Campus. The Psychology Learning Center provides a system of learning aids, tests, tutors, and other professional support designed to help Introductory Psychology (PSY 101) students at MCC succeed in their course.

Studying human behavior, mental processes, and all the factors that contribute to these is absolutely fascinating, but studying it through the systematic approach of science is often more challenging than expected. We've created the Psychology Learning Center and the structured approach to this course to help you learn as much as possible about the science of psychology while taking PSY-101. See the links at left for information about the Learning Center and PSY 101 in general.

PSY 101 Textbook and MyPsychLab: see the syllabus for detailed information. Fall 2016 began use of a new textbook. The 2018-2019 textbook is a custom edition of Psychology: From Inquiry to Understanding ISBN = 9781323425046. It includes access to MyPsychLab, which you can use for practice quizzing, videos, and audio book access. (If you buy a similar book cheaper, or a used book, you will not have access to MyPsychLab. MyPsychLab is not required for PSY-101) You can purchase online-only access through the MyPsychLab website, which will give you access to the online textbook and all MyPsychLab materials, but not a physical, paper version of the book.

See the MyPsychLab info page for details about MyLabs login procedures and navigation.

MyPsychLab: You can log in directly to MyLabsPlus for access to MyPsychLab. Or...

Blackboard: All courses listed under "MyCourses" inside "MyMCC" are operating in a system called Blackboard. You can use your PSY-101 class in Blackboard to get to the MyPsychLab site. Access Blackboard through MyMCC or through the Blackboard login page. In the testing center, you will need to log into Blackboard to take your unit tests.

PRACTICE TESTS: You can access a set of practice tests at computers in the Psychology Learning Center (the desktop icon "Practice Tests" in the Psychology Learning Center at Brighton or any of the computers in the Learning Commons downtown). The questions in these practice tests are taken directly from our official test bank. The quizzes in MyPsychLab are also for practice, but are not questions in our official test bank. 

PHOTO IDs: To take graded tests in the Psychology Learning Center, you must have a photo ID. All A and C tests and all summer session and inttersession tests are taken in the Psychology Learning Center. (Photo ID is not required to take a practice test.) MCC policy requires all students to carry a valid MCC ID when on campus. (The Psychology Learning Center will accept any valid photo ID.)


PSY 101 faculty: Reviewing student tests is now done through Blackboard. Log into the Psychology-101 Testing course in Blackboard to find all student tests. (If you are logged in on campus with your faculty ID, you can access the Faculty FAQ and the updated Instructor Info Manual, which are on the M-drive following the path "Offices" → "Academic Services" → "Divisions" → "Liberal Arts" → "Psychology" → "Learning Center" → "LC Faculty Info" → "Instructor Info Manual & FAQs," and which contain detailed information about the operation of PSY 101, including current policies and the new Blackboard testing system. To find the M-drive, you can start by opening the "courses" folder on the desktop, then navigate up a level.)

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