Residence Hall and International Students


The staff in Health Services wish you good health during your college career. Please visit us to learn how to manage your health or recover quickly from illness or injury.


The following information is required prior to move-in day:

  • Proof of MMR vaccination or positive blood titer tests proving immunity to Measles, Mumps & Rubella diseases. Please visit the Immunization page for more information on meeting requirements.
  • Meningitis - A completed Meningococcal Vaccine Response Form after reading the Meningococcal Disease Fact Sheet. The vaccine is not mandatory but is recommended within 5 years prior to college entry.
  • Proof of Health Insurance - A copy of both sides of the insurance card must be turned into Health Services along with your vaccine records. Name and student ID number should be on each document. Please see our insurance page if you do not have insurance.
  • A completed Health History Form is strongly recommended for all residence hall students. Please contact the office if you have a medical condition you would like to alert our nurses to.
  • Parental Consent for Medical Treatment of a Minor form should be completed if you are under 18.


  • Registered Nurses are available to see students by appointment from 9am-3:30pm Mon-Fri. Same day appointments are usually available- call early. Urgent problems will be triaged to appropriate level of care.There is no fee to be seen by any of our staff, but lab tests, referrals and prescriptions are costs to you.
  • A Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner is available part time in Fall & Spring. Prescriptions/referrals made if indicated.
  • Self Care Station in our waiting area has cold medication, pain relievers, etc., at no charge to students, available when we are open.


  • For an on-campus medical emergency, call Public Safety 
  • If it's not an emergency, notify your RA, or the RD on call.
  • There are a number of urgent care centers fairly close to campus. Two centers students use frequently are Rochester Immediate Care and UR Medicine Urgent Care. Please contact them for hours of operation and to verify your insurance is accepted. Bring your photo ID and your insurance card.
  • If you do not have transportation, your RA/RD can arrange for it.
  • Be prepared to pay for your copay and any medications prescribed.
  • If you are under 18, you will need consent from a parent/guardian in order to be treated.
  • For continued symptoms or if follow-up treatment or suture removal is required, contact Health Services for an appointment.


  • Please visit the How To Stay Healthy section for tips on how to live a healthy life, so that you get the most from your college experience.
  • Visit our Emergency page and take a moment to program Public Safety’s phone number into your cellular phone.


MCC Health Services welcomes all international students to the college community! The staff in Health Services are here to provide healthcare to you or link you to medical providers in the community.


  • Immunizations
    International students should send the required immunization records to our office once accepted to the college. Please obtain any needed Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) vaccines and complete the meningitis requirement prior to your arrival in the US. You may bring all your immunization records to our office upon arrival in the USA. We can provide MMR vaccines at no charge if you are not able to obtain them before arrival. We do not provide meningitis vaccine.
  • Screening
    Tuberculosis screening is highly recommended for MCC students who have lived within the past five years in countries where TB is common. If you arrived from one of the following countries, you do not generally need screening as TB is uncommon in these areas. If your country is not on the list below, you should complete the Tuberculosis Screening Form and return it to our office with your immunization records.

    • American Region: Canada, Jamaica, St. Kitts & Nevis, St Lucia, USA, US Virgin Islands
    • European Region: Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, San Marino, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom
    • Western Pacific Region: American Samoa, Australia, New Zealand

  • Insurance Information 
    All International Students are automatically enrolled in the International Student Health Insurance plan which is offered through the AJ Flood Company Inc.,(AJF) and the premium is added to the student’s bill. Your international student insurance is needed to pay for care you receive from any off campus healthcare providers, and lab work/referrals from our office.Your permanent insurance ID card is mailed to you by AJF about six to eight weeks into the semester. Please review the CHP/Wellfleet website to better understand this insurance.

It is very important that you contact one of the AJF representatives below to obtain a temporary insurance card as soon as you purchase the insurance, in case you need to see a doctor quickly.You will need to provide them with your name, student ID number, date of birth, gender, email address, local mailing address and semester(s) of coverage. The temporary card will be emailed to you in two-three days, and you may then print a copy to show health care providers you visit. You should make sure the healthcare provider accepts CIGNA insurance by calling the provider's office or checking the listings under the CIGNA PPO Provider Network.


Angela French: or 1-800-734-9326 x9225
Anet Gainey: or 1-800-734-9326 x9259
Margaret Wallace: or 1-800-734-9326 x9260

Waiver/Declining Insurance: If you have proof of comparable coverage you may apply to "waive" (decline) this insurance by completing a Waiver Form. The form may be filled out online and printed out to send to the AJ Flood company. Follow the directions on the waiver form and then please verify that they have received your waiver form and policy.Your policy will be reviewed by AJ Flood and you will be notified by them if your waiver has been granted.


If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact AJF representative Angela French at 1-800-734-9326 x9225.