ESOL Test Prep

Preparing for the ESOL Test

Testing is available for students whose native language is not English through the English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Program. Testing for students who would like to take classes in the ESOL Program consists of a 75 multiple choice questions. This test is taken on the computer. The test measures knowledge of English grammar and vocabulary. The purpose is to evaluate English. This is a timed test of 45 minutes.

The Placement Testing Information Booklet and Study Guide contains a number of sample questions. The best way to be ready for the ESOL placement test is to listen, speak, read, and write in English every day. Study of vocabulary and grammar in context may also be helpful. Useful materials include books, newspapers, magazines, films, and TV. There are many helpful websites available on the ESOL Program resources page.

Testing is done by appointment only at the  Brighton campus.