Frequently Asked Questions

This content does not reflect current COVID procedures. Refer to the Testing Services homepage or email Testing Services for current info.

General Questions

Why is the placement test administered?
The goal of placement testing is to make sure each student is in classes that match their current skill level.  We want all students to succeed. The placement test tells us what classes will be most appropriate for each student.

Who is required to complete a placement test?
Most incoming students can be placed using their academic record (like high school transcripts), and will not need to take the placement test.  Sometimes, students who are only taking one or two classes need to test to make sure they meet the prerequisites. Students who are not native English speakers may need to take the ESOL placement test.


When and where may I test?
You may schedule an appointment at the Brighton Campus.

How do I know which test I need?
After you complete your MCC application, the Admissions Office will review your information and transcripts and send you a letter telling you what test you need. You can also call our office at (585)292-2290, or email Testing Services.

Should I prepare for the placement test?
Yes. Resources are available on the Preparing for Your ACCUPLACER Test page of our website.

Do I need to make an appointment to take the placement test?
Yes, you need to make an appointment. Schedule an appointment online or call (585) 292-2290. 

What must I bring the day of my test?
A current photo ID (driver's license, student ID, work ID, etc.) is required at the time of check-in.  Large personal belongings, such as bookbags and large purses, are not permitted in the testing center and should be left home.  Small items, such as cell phones, are permitted. They will be secured in a 15"x15" locking bag during your test.  Paper, pencil, and any other materials required for you to test will be provided by testing center staff.  

Testing for students with disabilities
Students who believe they should receive testing accommodations should register with Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) office before they come to test.  Testing center staff can only provide accommodations that have been approved by the SSD office. 

How much time will I need to take the placement test?
It will depend on which exam you are taking. If you are taking both English and Math, then plan for 2-3 hours. If you only need one exam, you may be able to complete it in under 2 hours. These are not timed exams, so you may take your time. However, if you are taking the ESOL exam, it is a timed exam. You are given 45 minutes for 75 multiple-choice questions.

Will I have to pay to take the placement test?
No. There is no fee for admitted MCC students to take the exam at MCC.

I live far away; what can I do?
If you live more than 60 miles from our campuses, email Testing Services to make a Zoom appointment. 


How many questions did I get wrong?

Your scores do not include a list of right or wrong answers. Your scores just show you what classes you are most likely to be successful in.


When will I get the results?

Your results will be provided to you within minutes of completing your exam. You will meet with a Testing Interpreter. They will discuss your results with you and guide you through your next steps.


What is the next step after testing?

After you have your scores interpreted in our office, you will be directed to call Advisement (585) 292-2400 to set up an appointment with an Advisor. He/she will be able to assist you in choosing the correct courses for your Pathway.


What is the waiver and retest criteria?
Placement test scores are valid for three years. However, waivers and retests are not automatically granted to students meeting the waiver criteria or the retest criteria. Waivers and retests are considered individually after a thorough review of the respective student's entire academic record.  If granted a waiver a placement by high school is provided. 

What is computer delivered testing?
ACCUPLACER is a computer-based test (CBT). Computer-based tests are tests that are given online.  No previous computer skills are needed to complete the test. Students use a mouse and a keyboard to enter their answers.  Only personal information is typed.  A proctor will always be present to help students with computer questions.  Proctors cannot type the test for the student. Proctors cannot help with any actual test questions. 

What is adaptive testing?
The ACCUPLACER test is an adaptive test.  This means that each question the computer gives you is based on your answer to the question before it. If questions are getting harder, it means that you have probably answered the previous questions correctly.  Using this technique, we can determine your skill level on each section of the test by asking relatively few questions. The test is not timed, so that you can give each question as much thought as you wish. Once you have answered each question, however, you cannot return to that question.

I already took an ACCUPLACER exam for another college, can I send MCC the results?
ACCUPLACER provides a customizable set of exams, so an ACCUPLACER test for another college may not provide the right information to determine MCC placement.  

Upon request, MCC Testing Services will review existing ACCUPLACER score reports to determine if an MCC placement can be determined. Testing Services will not accept for consideration score reports older than three years.

To request a review of ACCUPLACER scores administered for another college:

  1. Request a copy of your ACCUPLACER score report from the college where you completed your exam.  That institution may require that you complete a form and/or pay a fee to send the score report.  You are responsible for all fees associated with sending score reports.  
  2. Send the score report to Testing Services or mail your scores to:
    Monroe Community College
    Testing Services
    Attn: Sarah Pantaleo
    1000 East Henrietta Road
    Rochester, NY 14623