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What does Math Placement by High School mean?

This means we were able to use test or course grades from math tests/classes you took while in high school to determine your math level. Your math level indicates which math courses you are eligible to take. 

Depending on your program, the math course that you need will vary. You will be able to meet with an academic advisor to help you decide which math course to take, but in the meantime, you can look at the information here. It first lists what math course(s) you can take at each level. The next page lists all the majors at MCC and the math course(s) required for that major. If you are placed below the level listed on the chart for your program, that may mean that it will take you a bit longer to complete your degree. 

General Questions

How was my math placement level determined?

Your score on your regents exam for Geometry or Algebra II/Trig, SAT/ACT score, AP Calculus test score, or final grade in your Pre-Calculus class was used to determine your math placement level.  Whichever score put you in the highest placement was used.

Placement level

Geometry Regents Exam

Algebra II Trig Regents Exam

SAT score in mathematics

ACT score in mathematics

AP Calculus Test Score

Precalculus Course Grade


85 or higher (Level 5)

70 – 74 (Level 3)







75 – 82 (Level 4)







83 or higher (Level 5)

620 or higher

26 or higher








3 or higher

83 or higher


Scores must be from within the past three years to be used for placement purposes. If you believe your placement can be changed using the above criteria, please bring/send the appropriate documentation to the Admissions Office (i.e. SAT/ACT scores, or updated transcript).

What are the different math levels I can be placed at?

MCC math level placements range from 1 up to 10.  If you were placed using your high school grades, you are at 6, 8, 9, or 10.  You may also be placed at a temporary level 8 or 10; please refer to the next question for a definition of temporary placement.

What does a temporary placement mean?

A temporary placement is a placement based on the fact that you are already at a level, but are currently enrolled in a course that would bring you to the next level if you complete the course/exam with the required grade. Temporary level 8 means you are definitely a level 6, but are enrolled in Algebra II/Trig during your senior year and will likely achieve a Regents exam score necessary to bring you to level 8. (There is no level 7 placement). Temporary level 10 means you are already at a level 9, but enrolled in Pre-Calculus this year. This allows you to register for the higher level courses if desired.

If you do not end up with the necessary grades to keep the higher placement, you will be changed to the placement below it (and will need to revise your schedule if you did register for the higher level class) or you can choose to take the placement test to try to test into the higher level placement.

How can I have my math placement level changed?

  • You can challenge the placement level we gave you by opting to take our MCC math placement test.
  • You have SAT or ACT scores that would change your placement.  For the scores you would need, see the Math Placement Level chart above.
  • If you are currently enrolled in a math course during your senior year, you may be able to have your math level changed upon completion of this course.  For the scores you would need, see the Math Placement Level chart above.
  • You took an algebra (Intermediate Algebra, College Algebra, Pre-Calculus, or Calculus) based math course at a college and received a C or higher. Please request that an official transcript be sent from the college to MCC.