General Information

Health and Medical

Student Medical Requirements

All college applicants are required to submit the MCC Health History form. This form must be completed and returned to Health Services, Building 3 – Room 165, prior to the beginning of classes. Health forms can be found on-line.

All students enrolled in Health Career Programs or participating on athletic teams are required to submit a health history and physical examination completed by their health care provider to Health Services for review prior to the start of their program or sport. The Health Career Programs include: Nursing, Radiologic Technology, EMT, Dental Assisting & Hygiene, Health Information Technology (second semester), Surgical Technology, and Clinical Medical Laboratory Technician.

Students enrolled in Medical Career programs or planning to participate in sports teams have additional immunization requirements: current tetanus immunization (within 10 years), Hepatitis B vaccine or waiver and tuberculosis testing (PPD) completed yearly and proof of varicella disease or two varicella vaccinations for all medical programs.

Student Immunization Requirements

Immunization requirements must be submitted prior to the start of classes. Students who fail to meet the NYS requirements will be withdrawn from classes after 30 days.

New York State Public Health Law requires all post-secondary students attending colleges and universities to demonstrate proof of immunity, immunization or history of disease to measles, mumps, and rubella.

This law applies to students born on January 1, 1957 or later and taking six or more credit hours. A student’s health care provider records, health department records, military records and/or high school immunization records must be submitted to Health Services for proof of NYS compliance requirements. Student account holds will be placed 30 days following the start of classes for those who fail to meet the NYS requirement.

Measles, Mumps and Rubella

Students must submit medical documentation of having received two measles vaccinations, one mumps vaccination and one rubella vaccination. All the vaccines must be live vaccine and must be given on or after your first birthday.


NYS Public Health Law 2167 requires all students regardless of age or number of credit hours to submit: Medical record documenting meningitis immunization in the past 10 years.


Signed waiver form which reflects the student is informed of the risks of meningitis and chooses to refuse the vaccination. Waiver forms are available via the Health Forms link above or can be obtained at the Health Services Office and the Damon City Campus Student Services Office. The Monroe County Health Department provides clinics to receive the meningitis vaccination throughout the year. The meningitis vaccination may also be available through your primary care provider.

Absence Due to Illness

Students should contact their professors promptly for any absence due to illness. Extended absence due to serious illness or injury should be reported to the Health Services Department at 585-292-2018. The Office of Health Services does not provide a medical excuse from classes, but will notify professors of extended absence due to illness or injury greater than seven days with physician documentation.

Absence Due to Pregnancy

MCC's Title IX Policy on Absences Due to Pregnancy can be referred to for more information.

Withdrawal for Health Reasons (Medical Withdrawal)

In cases of serious illness, injury or medical condition that has resulted in an extended absence during the semester, students may apply to the Office of Health Services for a withdrawal for health reasons. Withdrawals for health reasons submitted to Health Services will not be processed until after the established dates for course withdrawal have ended, as noted on the Academic Calendar except for catastrophic illness, injury or hospitalization.

The procedure for Withdrawal for Health Reasons is as follows:

• Student completes the Withdrawal for Health Reasons request form which is available on the Health Services web page under Forms.

• Student submits the completed form and medical documentation of the illness or injury to Health Services for review and recommendation. All information is confidential.

• A withdrawal due to health reasons will be denoted as a “W” a student’s academic transcript.

The student will have a maximum of 30 calendar days after the completion of the semester to request a withdrawal for medical reasons.

**A withdrawal for medical reasons does not constitute a tuition refund and may affect Financial Aid. Please contact Financial Aid for additional information at 585-292-3840.