There are options for you at MCC.

Sometimes there’s more to registering than simply adding or dropping classes. We want help you find the special registration options that apply to you.

Our goal is to help you make fully informed decisions. That’s why you’ll find explanations of the different registration options below.

Add/drop classes

Each semester, you can sign up for (“add”) or remove (“drop”) classes during the drop-add period. Log in to myMCC to add or drop courses. Prefer to add/drop in person? Visit us at the Registration and Records Office at the Brighton Campus (Building 6, Room 203) or the Downtown Campus (2nd Floor, Room 210).

Learn more about the add-drop tuition refund schedule

Auditing for MCC Students

Auditing a course means taking a class, but not getting graded or earning credit for it. While you don’t have to take any exams when auditing a course, you’re still expected to attend class, participate, and do the readings. That means even these “grade-free” classes require a commitment.

Any MCC student can audit a class with permission from the instructor. Because full tuition is charged for audited courses, we recommend connecting with an advisor to go over your options before you audit a class.

Print and fill out the Audit Course Form. Please return to the Registration and Records Office (Building 6, Room 203, Brighton Campus) by the following deadlines:

Semester Turn in Audit Form By
 Fall and spring  End of the first WEEK of classes
 Summer  End of the second DAY of classes
 Intersession  End of the first DAY of classes

Copies of the Audit Course Form are also available in the Registration and Records Office.

Auditing for Senior Citizens

If you’re a senior citizen, classes at MCC are open for you to audit, as long as there is an available seat. Audited classes are tuition-free, although you are responsible for paying any parking fees.

To audit classes as a senior citizen, you must:

  • Be 60 years of age or older
  • Be a New York State resident
  • Register for classes during the fall and spring semesters only

Get started auditing classes as a senior citizen

Credit by exam & CLEP

We want to give you credit for your learning experiences, and we offer two ways to do that: 

  • College-Level Examination Program (CLEP): CLEP lets you take exams for college credit without attending class. You can earn up to a total of 30 credits. To receive credit, you need a minimum score (which varies by subject) on the CLEP exam. For more information on CLEP exams and local test sites, see the official CLEP website or contact MCC’s Testing Services.
  • Credit by Examination: You can earn up to 36 semester hours of credit towards your degree by taking different department examinations, without taking the course. The cost to earn credit by exam is equal to the rate for one credit hour.  


We have hundreds of courses at MCC; however, If we don’t have a specific class you need or want, you still have options. You may

Full-time MCC students can also cross-register at another SUNY institution following SUNY policy. Cross-registration at MCC is only allowed for fall, spring and summer terms. Your tuition bill is paid in full by MCC, though you might have to pay student, technology or parking fees as required by the other institution.

Review the SUNY or RAC cross-registration guidelines for more information. Cross-registration forms are available on our Forms page.

If you are a full-time student at another college and would like to cross register for a class at MCC, please contact your college’s registration office.

Dual Enrollment

MCC partners with local school districts so students can get high school and college credit for their studies. This dual enrollment gives you a jump-start on your college education and future career even before you’ve graduated.

Learn about MCC's dual enrollment program.

Independent Study

Not all learning takes place in classrooms on campus. We believe in giving you a chance to extend your learning beyond homework assignments and tests. Independent study projects let you explore what inspires you with the advice and support of a faculty sponsor. The best part? You get credit for your out-of-classroom learning experience.

Learn more about independent study.

Late Start or Varied Length Classes

Looking for a course that starts late in the semester or takes less than a full semester to complete? Our late-start classes or varied-length classes are useful if you need a different schedule.


High-demand classes often have a waitlist, an electronic list of students waiting to enroll in a class after it has “closed,” or reached maximum capacity.

Log in to myMCC to:

  • Join a waitlist
  • Check your waitlist status
  • Manage your waitlists
  • Remove yourself from a waitlist

** Be sure to check your MCC student email daily to see if a seat is available for you. 

Learn more about waitlists at MCC



Each semester you can sign up for (add), or remove (drop) classes during the add/drop period.  Log in to MyMCC to add or drop courses.  If you prefer to add/drop in person, visit us at the Registration and Records Office at the Brighton Campus (Bldg 6 Rm 203) or the Downtown Campus (2nd Floor, Rm 210).


Withdrawing means officially leaving an individual class after the add/drop period, but before 80% of the course has been completed. “Complete withdrawal,” on the other hand, lets you withdraw from all courses in a semester until the last day of classes (aka the Friday before finals week). After a complete withdrawal, you’ll need to reapply to MCC to return.

There are many reasons why you might need or want to withdraw. Before doing so, please connect with advisors in Academic Advisement and Counseling Services. They can go over your options, especially since withdrawing can affect your financial aid, athletics eligibility, and veteran's benefits. You are responsible for 100% of tuition if you withdraw from a course after the add/drop period.

Your instructors cannot withdraw you. To withdraw online, log in to myMCC. To withdraw in person, visit us at the Brighton Campus (Bldg 6, Rm 203) or the Downtown Campus (2nd Floor, Rm 210).

In cases of catastrophic illness, injury, or medical event requiring hospitalization that prevents you from withdrawing yourself before the end of the semester, you may request a withdrawal from the College through the Office of Health Services. You must submit medical documentation within 20 working days beyond the completion of the semester unless there are extraordinary circumstances.