FAQs about eRefund

How do I enroll in eRefund

Enrolling is easy. Just follow the 8 steps on the How to enroll page, and you’re done!

When I sign up for eRefund when will it start

Enrollment is effective within 24 hours after signing up for eRefund online. You will see a "Direct deposit enrollment receipt" once you complete your enrollment. This is your enrollment confirmation.

Can I use a prepaid debit card

A prepaid debit card can be used if banking information is supplied. The 16 digit card number on the front cannot be used to set up the direct deposit.

How will I know when my refund has been posted to my bank account

You will receive a message in your MCC email account telling you that your actual refund has been processed.

What happens if I change banks or want to change to a different account

You can update your direct deposit information anytime through your Student Self-Service account. (Changes will take place within 24 hours.)

Is my bank account information secure

Yes. We use a secured encrypted connection to process your eRefund and your account information is not accessible by anyone but you. You will receive an email confirming any changes made to your banking profile.

Will my refund be available earlier than in previous years

Refunds will follow the same processing schedule as in previous semesters.  Refunds are typically available in October for Fall Semester, and March for Spring Semester, after you go through the normal attendance verification process. Once the refund has been processed, eRefund allows you access to the funds more quickly and securely than a paper check.

I enrolled in eRefund previously. Do I have to do it again

If you haven't received a refund electronically in more than a semester you should verify your bank account information.

When should I sign up

Sign up now!