Third-Party Sponsors

Tuition and Fee Deferral

Third-party sponsored students are those who will have all or a portion of their tuition and/or fees paid by an outside agency, such as an employer, governmental agency, military, etc. Students or sponsors must submit written proof of sponsorship (authorization to bill the agency) each semester. The authorization may be in the form of a letter on company letterhead, company issued voucher or purchase order.

All authorizations must be submitted prior to the tuition due date in order to defer tuition and fees and have them billed directly to the sponsor.  If the sponsor is not paying the entire tuition and fee cost, the student must pay the remaining balance before the tuition due date.

The authorization must include:

  • Student Name
  • Student ID number
  • Amount and/or type of fees that the sponsor intends to pay (tuition, mandatory fees, parking, housing, etc.)
  • Semester or timeframe for which the authorization is valid
  • Full billing name, address, telephone number and contact person

The authorization must be submitted to MCC's Student Accounts Office.  The authorizations may be submitted in person (at either Brighton or Downtown campus), faxed (585) 292-3841, submitted electronically through email to, or mailed to:

Monroe Community College
Attn Student Accounts Office
1000 E Henrietta Rd
Rochester NY 14623

The third-party sponsor will be billed after the drop/add period. Payment will be due upon receipt.  The authorization will not be accepted if it is contingent upon grade, completion of course or employment status.  All financial aid awards will be applied to the student account prior to billing unless specified otherwise on the authorization. If your sponsor fails to pay the agreed amount, the charges will be reapplied to your student account and you will be responsible for payment.

Failure to remit payment in a timely manner may result in the College not accepting future authorizations from the sponsor.

For questions about third-party sponsorship please call (585) 292-2154. For questions about tuition due dates ( or call Student Accounts at (585) 292-2015.