eRefund FAQs

How do I enroll in eRefund?
Enrolling is easy. Just follow the steps on the How to enroll in eRefund page, and you’re done!

Can I use a prepaid debit card?
A prepaid debit card can be used if banking information is supplied. The 16 digit card number on the front cannot be used to set up the direct deposit.

What if I change banks, want to use a different account or want to switch to paper checks? 
You can update your direct deposit information anytime through your myMCC account. (Changes will take place within 24 hours.)

Is my bank account information secure?
Yes. We use a secured encrypted connection to process your eRefund and your account information is not accessible by anyone but you. You will receive an email confirming any changes made to your banking profile.

If I have previously enrolled in eRefund, do I have to do it again? 
Your eRefund enrollment will continue until you deactivate it.  However, if you have not received a refund electronically in more than a semester, you should verify your bank information.

What if my erefund was sent to a closed account, or if i input my bank account information incorrectly?
If your eRefund is not able to be deposited into the account you listed, your eRefund enrollment will be deactivated, and a paper check will be mailed within a few business days.  Make sure your address is always up to date. You can always enroll in eRefund again if this happens.